The short answer to the question do ex-felons get hired in Lowe’s is Yes.

Getting any job becomes a challenge after a felony charge. One of the first steps in finding job opportunities is looking for your options. Some people opt to try in smaller companies, where a chance of background check is minimal, but others can take a completely different route of getting a job in a major corporation. While another segment will not care about the type of corporation as getting a job is becoming challenging.

Before a felony, your qualifications play a significant role in deciding the type of job you can do. After a felony, you also need to consider the jobs that you are legally allowed to do.

The bigger corporations have better benefits and significantly more job opportunities for people. Hence, they are highly recommended for ex-felons who would like to get back up on their feet.

Lowe’s – About the Company

Lowe’s comes under the home improvement store and is second only to Home Depot in the US. It has over 2,000 branches in total in different states of the USA and some parts of Canada. With more than 300,000 workers working for them, they are always looking to expand and need more employees in the USA.

Do Ex-felons get Hired in Lowe’s?

The short answer, as stated above, is yes. Lowe’s does hire felons. However, similar to other establishments, it does not have a particular program for offenders, so people are hired regularly without considering felonies. Depending on your qualification, you can get the job. In the case of lower educational qualifications, you may need to start with entry-level positions. Still, it is possible to move up the managerial chain with enough time and effort while developing the skills required.

Lowe’s supports the ban-the-box movement and does not ask questions about criminal records until the interview stage. It allows for a fair chance for felons and enables Lowe’s to hire felons without discrimination. But, they are not a part of the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

Do Ex-Felons Get Hired In Lowe’s? – Background Checks

The company’s size, scale, and reputation dictate that it must run background checks before offering a job. While they may only go back to seven years in some states, a longer duration is possible in other states. But, it is only a cause of worry if you lie during the past interview. Background checks reveal information, including criminal records, financial standing, and convictions. So, if you do not hire anything from the employer, you are safe. Background checks take around a week. So, try not to badger the recruiters too much as that can harm your chances of getting the job. But, in case of no reply from the company for a longer duration than two weeks, you can either call the employer to check the status. Also, under no circumstances should you stop applying to other establishments till you have a job in hand.

Do Ex-Felons Get Hired In Lowe’s? – Steps to follow to get the job

To get any job, you have to take time for preparation. Here are a few steps to follow before giving your interview at Lowe’s.

Acquire the Skills

Before applying for a job, convince yourself of the reasons for deserving this job. And, it cannot include the reason that you need money. If you are confident about the skills, you will need for the job, you can apply for it guilt-free.

It is entirely possible to learn the skill on the job, especially if you are looking at entry-level opportunities. But, know that you are ready to learn a completely new skill and the company is willing to provide the training.

Honest is the Best Policy

Being honest during form-filling and interviews is crucial for success at getting the job. While many companies aim to give ex-felons a better chance at life, liars do not get the same treatment.

Employers look for applicants with integrity and enthusiasm. Lying would not lead to anything good.

Prepare for the interview

The interview is the applicant’s chance to make a positive impression. So, do take the time to read about the company and the job profile. Also, look for the common questions related to the job and find the relevant information. It will help you create better chances of success.


Ex-felons get hired in Lowe’s if they have the correct skill-set, give an honest interview, and prepare well for the interview. So, submit your application for a relevant job today.

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