Do felons get a chance to join labor unions? – Talking about the felons, they lose the opportunity of being hired for jobs. Secondly, their major concern is that they face trust issues. Because of the felony, their credibility goes down. Still, it is not the end and the felons can get a chance to work with labor unions or other jobs.

Do Felons Get a Chance to Join Labor Unions? – Roles & Kinds

When it comes to joining the labor union, the felons get a fair chance. It is because they get better wages, work hours, as well as favorable conditions at the job. In addition to this, the felons also get benefits such as financial aid, medical and health benefits, etc. Being a member of the labor union, the felons also receive services at cost-effective rates.

Talking about the kinds of labor unions, the felons can join one of the three – Industrial union, employee union, and craft union.

  • The industrial labor union takes into consideration occupations such as food service, transportation, etc. Felons get job opportunities in the warehouse or construction industries under this labor union.
  • Government officials formulate employee union for the public sector.
  • The people engaged in occupations such as mechanics, carpenters, mason, electricians, etc formulate craft union.

Know the Benefits

As the labor unions are formulated to assist, they help in negotiating with members properly. Look at the benefits after felons get a chance to join a labor union.

  • The negotiation is done in order to improve the work, the salaries, condition of the workers, etc.
  • The unions offer up to 20% increment in salaries to the felons, which other jobs will not offer. Further, they also get pay scale hikes on regular basis.
  • Medical facilities and financial aid is given to the felons, which is a good benefit. It includes paying the felons for sick leaves and accumulating funds in pension accounts.
  • Job security is the best benefit the employees can get
  • Main reasons for firing an employee is misconduct and poor performance for the work assigned. However, this is not the case while working with labor unions.
  • There is no discrimination done based on gender, caste, or religion.
  • The women employees who are pregnant can expect better job security.

Do Felons Get a Chance to Join Labor Unions? – Key Points

Here, we look at the key points. Felons get a chance to join labor unions under these considerations.

  • Out of the three labor unions we shared above, the felons are free to join any of them.
  • Felons with serious crimes cannot become a member of any of the labor unions
  • Felons find it a challenge to search for suitable jobs. The same case is with the specific jobs with the unions.
  • Some union jobs do require the felons to have a valid license or union membership. Some restrictions are put as a control measure.
  • It is not permitted for the felons to get hired by a union by practicing fraud
  • Felon individuals who were convicted for a child or sexual abuse are barred from getting hired
  • If a felon was involved in a burglary or violent crime, they will not get a job
  • Felons need to be honest if they want to be hired by the unions. If they conceal something, the unions take it as a punishable offense.
  • The individuals who take up the job in any union, but stay dishonest, cannot create a good impression. The union authorities will not have trust in them. Further, they can lose the job.
  • In order to secure a job with the union, the felons need to demonstrate good character. It also improves their life in the end.
  • Felon individuals with clean records are always welcome to secure jobs with the unions. For this purpose, background checks are mandatory.


There you are. Felons get a chance to join labor unions, and they get all the benefits. Meanwhile, securing a job depends on how good the character they keep. Maintaining cordial relationships with the unions is a key to success. Staying a dignified life being honest is what the felons need. With this, they can secure better career opportunities for the future to come.

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