All of you have heard about Aerotek, a leading recruitment and staffing agency. They aim to connect the best available resources in the market. People looking for second chance jobs for felons can turn towards Aerotek. Undoubtedly, this recruitment site facilitates them to find jobs for ex-cons in 2022. Besides that, it assists them in finding the ideal training programs to enhance their skills. In this article, we will discuss how Aerotek is helping felons to get jobs in 2022.

Things to Know about Aerotek

Aerotake, established by Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis, started its journey in 1983. In fact, this was the first job search website for defense and aerospace professionals. Over time, it has become one of the preferred job search platforms. Nowadays, many employers use this platform to find suitable resources for their companies. And felons are no exception to that. No doubt, many of them have found suitable jobs for ex-cons through this platform in recent times. That is why Aerotek has recently earned a reward for helping employers to develop a safe business.

Besides that, the company strongly believes that felons deserve an equal chance. So, any honest, hardworking, and dedicated ex-con can enroll their name on this platform. And apply for any of the available jobs for ex-cons. This can be the best bet for them as they can find the perfect opportunity for career advancement and growth. Usually, they don’t run a background check until and unless their clients require it. If they require it, they can run a detailed background check. And this is only to protect the interest of its clients also.

Apart from hiring them, Aerotek also helps felons to find training facilities to strengthen their skills. Besides, it also encourages them to take up motivational lessons so that they can be well-confident to secure a job.

Career Opportunities for Felons at Aerotek

Aerotek always looks for honest, hardworking, and dedicated job aspirants. Besides, the company loves to work with felons to make them career-minded. If we talk about career opportunities for them, many posted jobs for ex-cons are available on this site. Now, let’s talk about some of the most promising career paths for them at Aerotek.

Drywall Finisher

This is one of the promising career paths for felons. However, their job role is to ensure the drywall jobs are done at their places. So, they have to make ready all the unfinished interior drywall panels.

Machine Operator

This is another rewarding career path for ex-cons. Their job role is to make sure that the machines function properly.


The next promising career path for them is to become a packer. Anyway, the role of a packer is to prepare the final product for packaging and shipment.


Another rewarding career path for them is to become a grinder. The role of a grinder is to perform precision smoothing, polishing, or grinding of any metal workpiece.

Sanitation Job

This is another popular career path for felons. However, the role of a sanitation worker is to ensure the places are neat, clean, and properly looked after. So, they have to collect garbage and dispose of them in landfills.

How to Apply for Jobs for Ex-cons at Aerotek?

You must follow a step-by-step process to apply for jobs for ex-cons at Aerotek. This includes:

  • Create an account
  • Upload the updated resume
  • Search for the suitable job posts
  • Apply as per the preferred location and job role

After that, you have to track the application status and wait for the call for the interview.

Final Thoughts

We know ex-cons often find difficulties in finding a stable job at any big firm. In fact, many firms don’t like to hire them as they simply don’t trust them. In such a situation, it is always better for them to turn to job search platforms as an alternative. Undoubtedly, staffing agencies like Aerotek are linked with countless clients worldwide. Although many offered jobs are based on temporary hiring, these can help ex-cons boost their work experience. Besides, it helps them to be well-confident to find another job in the near future.

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