Airbnb conduct background checks for ex-felons who have come out of jail. It is because these individuals want to travel to different places. It is their urge to travel; however, they have to undergo some terms and conditions.

Further, the ex-felons may get permission to travel to their favorite destinations. However, the issue remains with the accommodation. Let us look at how Airbnb conduct background checks for ex-felons, to give them better accommodation.

Airbnb – Know more about how it works

If you are a traveler, you must know about Airbnb. It is the best when it comes to offering lodgings to individuals as well as families. Based on the different prices, Airbnb can provide affordable accommodations.

Furthermore, the hosts can make some extra money by providing accommodation. It can range from short-term rentals to long-term leases. Secondly, Airbnb charges a commission for providing different facilities. The travelers who stay provide positive feedback, which in turn is good for more bookings.

However, when it comes to the individuals with felons, we have the query – Does Airbnb conduct background checks for ex-felons? Yes, it is because the hosts will welcome individuals, who can be strangers. Background checks are inevitable in this regard. It is crucial to know the criminal history of a person, as it matters to other guests too.

Does Airbnb conduct background checks for the hosts?

When it comes to background checks, they give a better picture of the individual. Further, these checks can guarantee them to provide the best hospitality services to guests.

Talking about the hosts, they are also required to undergo background checks. It is mandatory for US hosts who have a valid government-issued ID. The background checks done on hosts include the following.

  • Look for state or federal criminal database along with country-specific details
  • Information about sex offenders on state and national level data
  • List of international suspects such as drug traffickers or linked with terrorism

Furthermore, it is a known fact that Airbnb is not strict about conducting background checks. The checks are done once when a user registers an account as a host. However, if the individual commits a crime, Airbnb wont has any knowledge about it. Here, the situation might get dicey, and guests may look for other avenues to stay.

Does Airbnb conduct background checks for ex-felons?

When it comes to the guests, Airbnb does conduct background checks for the ex-felons. These checks are done only within the USA. It includes sharing the individual’s first and last name, and their birth date.

This information is enough to fetch the state or federal criminal databases. Further, this check may include information and review of sex offenders. However, here the catch is that people might not use their real names. That ends up in not getting the correct information.

For the guests, here ex-felons, who arrive from other countries, need to undergo background checks. For this purpose, Airbnb authorities will check with the local registries and other vendors. However, the laws can limit this check, which is based on state or federal level.

Background checks for the ex-felons might tend in the removal of them from the property. It may include the following offenses or serious crimes.

  • Murder crime
  • History of Sexual violence, human trafficking
  • Involvement in terrorism, hate crimes

However, some of the lesser-known non-violent crimes may not result in their removal. Furthermore, if the felons were found of a theft or property damage case, it can result in exclusion for up to 14 years. The individuals who were notified of removal will require appealing. However, Airbnb will take into consideration the individuals who can be reinstated. Look at the factors that are considered during the appeal

  • What is the individual’s age at the time of the crime
  • History of the number of convictions
  • When was the last time the conviction occurred?
  • Work history, education history

Does Airbnb conduct background checks for ex-felons? – Beware of the Scam

Talking about the hosts as well as the guests, here ex-felons, both of them can review each other. In this way, others can get a clear picture of what kind of person was dealt with. Do not get yourself into the hands of frauds, and you need to be confident. In this regard, confirming personal information is better to make reservations.

Secondly, background checks along with finding information online can be beneficial. It can be affordable that gives results in less time.


There you are. Even with a minor offense, ex-felons can enjoy Airbnb services. No one is stopping them, but do mind the background checks. Make sure your desires to travel are not disturbed. Find the best hotels with Airbnb.

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