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Everybody knows when Amazon opens a new warehouse, they promise new jobs. But ex-cons might be thinking about whether they can apply for a warehouse job on Amazon or not. The answer is yes. Amazon offers jobs for convicted felons in 2022.

In fact, getting a warehouse job at Amazon is easier for them than other jobs. And the reason is simple.  This type of job doesn’t usually come with lots of criteria. And the company always looks for hardworking and loyal workers for this type of job. So, they usually don’t consider past records unless it has a direct link to the offered job role.

However, they will run a background check for any applicant to check and validate his past records. In this article, we will discuss things ex-cons need to know to apply for a warehouse job at Amazon.

Things to Know about Amazon before Applying for a Warehouse Job

Founded in 1994, Amazon is, at present, the world’s leading e-commerce store. With more than 950,000 employees in the US, it earned a revenue of $469.82 B in 2021. As of now, it has 110 active warehouses in many places all over our country. In fact, the company has named its warehouses as active fulfillment centers. Its five-story warehouse in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is the largest of all, with a 3.6 million square foot area. It includes 80,000 square feet of office space along with automated warehouse space. However, the largest warehouse is now under construction in Ontario, California. It has a 4.1 million square foot area and is to be completed within 2024. No doubt, it will offer more jobs for all, including felons. So, getting second chance jobs for felons in this firm is still very much open.

Available Jobs for Convicted Felons in Amazon’s Warehouse

It is easy to find many jobs for convicted felons in Amazon’s warehouse. Those are:

  • Fulfillment center associate
  • Grocery warehouse associate
  • Amazon air associate
  • Delivery station associate
  • Sortation center associate

However, applicants should make one thing very much clear. They have to work on a shift basis for any warehouse jobs at this firm.

Know about the Hiring Process for Felons at Amazon’s Warehouses

The hiring process for warehouse jobs at this firm follows a step-by-step process.  In fact, it is similar for all, no matter whether they have a past record or not. The applicant has to visit their website and search for warehouse jobs based on locations and titles. Once they find a proper job, the person can apply for the job. However, the person will be told to upload their updated CV during the application process.

After that, the HR team will check the application and find the person’s degrees and skills. The interviewer will generally ask you some questions about the offered job role. If the applicant has a criminal record, they can also ask about that record. We always advise our readers to be as much honest and bold as they can. If the person satisfies the interviewer with all his answers, the company will schedule an in-person interview with that person. This session will confirm whether they will get a job at this leading e-commerce firm or not.

However, the company will run a background check to know and verify the felony record of any applicant. Sometimes, this process also includes a reference check. However, this background check covers all the convictions within the last 7 years.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt getting warehouse jobs for convicted felons is a dream for many. This will offer them chances to hone their skills. Besides, this will also improve their knowledge of duties and authorities. We hope this article will help them to secure jobs for convicted felons at Amazon‘s warehouses.

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