Do you love fast food? Well, you should know about Burger King as one of the prominent brands in the industry. However, when it comes to criminals, does Burger King provide job opportunities to felons are the question? There are several challenges to this; meanwhile, the company does offer good career options for individuals with a felony.

Looking for a job in the fast-food industry is something unique. Further, with Burger King having more than 7000 stores across the USA, it can be a dream come true. Individuals with felonies can get hired and lead dignified lives. On the other end, criminal offenses come their way, which can start troubles.

Does Burger King Provide Job Opportunities to Felons? – Benefits

As compared to other companies, Burger King does support the felons. It offers them a fair chance to prove their worth thereby earn a livelihood. However, this process includes background checks and verification.

Here, we look at the benefits, as Felons prefer working with Burger King. The work-life policy of the company is top-notch, and felons get a flexible work schedule. Furthermore, they can also take their time off if they have some urgency, need time to study at school, taking care of kids, and much more.

Felons who start working with Burger King also receive health care benefits. It can include getting dental insurance, health insurance, life insurance, as well as accidental cover for the risks. Talking about the leaves, they can receive paid ones. The company also takes care of its employees by regularly conducting health checkups.

Other benefits received by the felons at Burger King are as under.

  • Performance bonuses are paid to the employees.
  • Burger King offers retirement plans along with pension plans to the employees
  • To up-skill the individuals, Burger King offers career planning programs
  • Felons who want to pursue higher education can get financial aid from the company. This way they can get better in house promotions
  • Hiring decision takes into consideration background checks, so, there are no discrepancies

Does Burger King Provide Job Opportunities to Felons? – Hiring Process

Talking about the hiring process, Burger King has given two options for the felons. The first one is by visiting the store. Meanwhile, the second one is to apply online using Burger King’s career page ( There are several stores and the felons can opt for the job as per requirements.

When it comes to the personal interview round, the felons also require passing the math skills test. Assessment for reasoning skills is also done during the interview. However, the hiring decision is based on how you perform and what the store manager thinks about your profile.

The felons need to ensure that the background checks go as expected. The first impression ensures a perfect career. If anything goes wrong or you hide the things, it can go against you. The felons can also end up in prison in rare scenarios. The hiring decision is finalized in 2-3 weeks, and then the felons are hired for the particular jobs.

Does Burger King Conducts Background Checks?

When it comes to new hires done by Burger King, it takes into consideration background checks and verification. It ensures that the felons behave properly with the customers. The company does not want to harm its reputation in the end.

Talking about the entry-level jobs in Burger King, the company does not require background checks. However, basic consent is required by the felons to be given to the company.

For the crimes, it depends on how serious they were. Felons with violent crimes, theft-related or sexual crimes are disqualified to be hired by the company. Meanwhile, the company also checks for how long the conviction has remained active. If they find any repeat offenders, they are disqualified on the spot.

Just taking into the felony records, the company does not disqualify the candidates. However, it depends on the hiring managers who seek the best fit for the particular jobs. Staying honest is what the felons need to maintain during the interview. Furthermore, Burger King also encourages felons to improve their lifestyle.


There you are. So, you can be hired at Burger King as an attendant, a cook, or even a team lead. That depends on the performance you gave during the interview. With suitable positions, felons earn dignity and entry into social life.

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