If you want to work at Coca-Cola, you will be happy to know that they are felon-friendly. They do not discriminate, and are known to treat felons as fairly as they treat other applicants.

Since it is such a large company, there are multiple skills needed in different departments. So you can apply with respect to your qualifications and experience. But first, understand where they stand concerning background checks and how it affects your felony record.

Does coca cola carry out background checks?

Despite being a felon-friendly company, Coca-Cola carries out background checks. But it is not with the aim of disqualifying felons. It only helps to know how well you qualify for the role you are applying for.

Like other companies, they will check your employment history and driving records. Coca-Cola will also check your level of education as well as your credit history.

Concerning your criminal record, they do check for felonies. But you have nothing to worry about if you are applying for a job that has nothing to do with the nature of the crime you committed. You are not going to be affected by the background check.

Depending on the state where you reside, the employment process could differ. But you can expect feedback from the hiring manager in a matter of days. Coca-Cola drug tests are compulsory for many roles in Coca-Cola, so you must be able to pass them.

Your chances as a felon

After Coca-Cola confirms your criminal record through a background check, the next step is not complicated. Basically, your chances depend on the nature of your crime.

If it was a highly publicized crime, you may not get employed. But what affects the chances of a felony are theft, DUI, sex offenses, and violent crimes. If you have any of these on your record, you need to be careful.

You have to make sure your skills align with the job you are applying for as much as it is unrelated to the job description. This is the first and most important factor you should consider.

So, if you really want to work for Coca-Cola but have skills related to your past, learn new ones. If you can’t work as an accountant because of fraud or theft, you can be a truck driver. You only need to learn truck driving and get your license.

To apply this logic well, check the details of the job description when you see a Coca-Cola vacancy. After you confirm this, you will know the right jobs to apply for. Rejection is common for felons, but with this method, it will be reduced to almost zero for you.

To increase your chances, apply for entry-level roles. At the entry level, you can earn up to $60,000 per year. And as you continue working, you will get promoted and your salary will increase. So target entry-level roles; they are easier to get.

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