As a felon, the place you choose to work is very important. You may feel like you don’t have a lot of options to make healthy choices from, but you do. It all starts with the places you apply to, and Comcast should be one of them.

Before you apply, there are important things you need to know. These things will guide you towards making yourself more appealing to the hiring managers. And as you read on, you will also know the factors that could limit you and how to mitigate them—including background checks.

Comcast background check policy

Before you can start working for Comcast, they will carry out a background check. You should not be afraid of this, because they are known to hire felons that are qualified for the job.

While some felon-friendly companies exempt background checks for entry level and other lower level roles, Comcast does not exempt anyone. Their policy mandates a background check for every applicant, irrespective of the position they are applying for.

Comcast takes a person’s background seriously, which is why they carry out local, state, and even federal background checks. While other companies check for your records that go back seven years, Comcast checks for ten years. So you’re going under more scrutiny with this company.

However, state laws limit this, as there are currently twelve states in the country, including New York and Texas, that prohibit background checks of more than seven years.

What does Comcast look for in a background check?

When Comcast goes through your background, they check for your previous work history to know your experience. They also check your financial statements, driving history, any links to drug abuse, and, of course, your criminal record.

If you have been involved in theft, you may not be able to get a job related to finance. This applies to every company, though, since they feel there will be accountability issues.

Comcast also takes drug tests very seriously. If you have been involved with a DUI charge or any form of drug abuse, it could affect your chances of securing a job. Besides this investigation, they will also carry out a drug test, and the result will make or mar your chances no matter how close you are to being hired.

How to increase your chances of employment with Comcast

Despite your criminal record, you will get a good job with this company if you know the right way to do things. First of all, apply for jobs that have nothing to do with the crime you were convicted of. This will make it easier for them to consider you.

Also, make sure you do not lie or tell half-truths at any point during your application. Comcast is known for thorough scrutiny of their applicants, so they will find out the truth and eventually disqualify you if you lie.

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