CVS is a retail pharmacy chain with many locations across the United States. They’re regarded as a great place to work, but does CVS recruit felons? That is the question that many felon must ask when looking for job.

CVS is best known for its pharmaceuticals, but the store has also become a destination for beauty products and other everyday necessities. CVS stands for ‘Consumer Value Stores.’

Because not every company hires felons, it means a lot more to the felon when the employer gives them a chance. A convicted felon may be a diligent and hard worker. They will be grateful for the opportunity, knowing that it is not available in all fields of work.

The following post will discuss:

  • CVS Company Information
  • Does CVS Recruit Felons?
  • Does it Matter What Kind of Felony You Have?
  • CVS- Background Check?
  • Factors that affect Hiring CVS Hiring Process

CVS – An Introduction to the Company

While CVS is well-known for its pharmacy services, it did not enter the pharmaceutical industry until 1967, when it opened two stores in Warwick and Cumberland, Rhode Island.

In 1963, Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and their partner Ralph Hoagland opened the first company store in Lowell, Massachusetts.

As of 2019, over 9,900 retail stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, employing over 300,000 people.

Employee benefits include medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage, life, accident, and disability insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and a store colleague discount, among many others.

And, that is the reason for the over 300,000 employees work there.

Does CVS Recruit Felons?

CVS has signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge, which aims to give felons a second chance in society. However, several factors influence whether the applicant will be able to accept the position.

Another issue is the nature of the crime itself. Certain states will not look up a felony committed seven or more years ago on their background checks. If it is a theft or other violent charge, the chances of CVS hiring are slim to none.

Does the Nature of Your Felony Really Matters?

The nature of the felony will influence whether or not CVS will give you a chance to work there.

CVS, as one might expect, will not hire anyone convicted of a violent or sexual crime. This is due to the widespread belief that crimes against people are among the most serious of all. These demonstrate a complete disregard for other people’s lives and well-being.

CVS is unlikely to hire you if you have a drug offense. This is especially in the case if you live in an area where you may come into contact with the pharmacy.

They typically do not hire people who have been convicted of theft or forgery. These crimes violate the company’s trust if they cannot believe that you can be trusted to handle money or even to be around finances.

Aside from these types of felonies, you might have a chance at CVS.

CVS – What about the Background Checks?

Now you know does CVS recruit felons. However, they alsoconduct a background check. You must consent to this pre-employment background check, which will look for any conviction for the last seven years.

The other things you need is permission to a pre-employment drug test. Employment offers are conditional on passing this test, as well as a background check.

CVS has agreed to sign the Fair Chance Business Pledge based on the Ban the Box initiative. This agreement looks first at what a person can do, and then it checks your background history.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge is a company-wide initiative to delay the inclusion of felonies until later in the interview process.

Factors that Affect CVS Hiring Process

CVS will not reject your application solely because you have a felony. Every application will be checked on its own merits.

The following are important factors that CVS considers during this process:

  • Since the end of your sentence, the time has passed.
  • Felony conviction type
  • It didn’t matter if it was a violent or nonviolent felony.
  • Personal views and opinions of the hiring manager
  • Introducing yourself and explaining your background
  • Being truthful about any felony convictions
  • To protect the company, its employees, and its customers, CVS conducts a background check.
  • A routine background check at CVS takes about a week.

In Conclusion

Lastly on the post ‘Does CVS Recruit Felons?’ The crime does not define a felon. It also depends on how mistakes are corrected using various strategies. In addition, felons must ensure that they adequately prepare for the application and interview processes. CVS focuses on rehabilitating felons and motivating them to live honest lives.

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