Have you wondered working for a one of the famous retail chain, such as Dollar General, but weren’t sure how to get the job given your background? Therefore, this post will get right into it with this crucial question: Does Dollar General recruit felons? They currently have over 15,000 stores in 44 states and are still expanding. Surely, they hire convicted felons…right?

Dollar General – About the Company

Dollar General first opened its doors in Kentucky in 1955, with the initial concept that nothing would cost more than a dollar. They operate over 15,000 stores in the United States and its headquartered situated at Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Company focuses on delivering only the necessities to those in need. They sell a wide range of products, including food, health/beauty aids, and house wares.

Their primary goal is to help others. They also emphasize working hard and having a strong desire to succeed. According to the store, employees must have good communication and listening skills and a teamwork mentality.

Does Dollar General Recruit Felons?

Understanding your employer’s stance on discrimination against ex-felons attempting to start a new life is critical. This allows you to pre-screen companies and applies to only those with whom you are comfortable working. In terms of public information, Dollar General offers equal opportunities to all.

This assures that men and women work in safe and equal conditions, but it does not always imply hiring felons. Even so, it is still a benefit for you in the short term.

According to recent reviews and reports, it appears that they are willing to hire felons without hesitation. Many ex-offenders who previously worked for Dollar General have come forward to testify. Many of them hired and treated poorly by the company. They advised that if you want to hired, you should be truthful and forthcoming.

And, even though Dollar General is not on the ‘Ban the Box’ list or a signatory to the Fair Chance Business Pledge, the company appears to be hiring people on merit regardless of their background. This makes Dollar General a great place to try if you have a felony record.

In addition to Dollar General, you can find opportunities at Aldi, Amazon, and Big Lots.

Does General Dollar Conduct Background Check?

After knowing does Dollar General recruit felons, it is important to know if they conduct background check. Yes, anyone who passes the interview phase subjected to a background check by Dollar General, which looks for any felony convictions. Applying for a job at Dollar General constitutes consent to a pre-employment background check.

All job offers are conditional on passing the background check. A background check searches for criminal convictions and verifies all information on the application.

Dollar General takes into account all aspects of your background and experience that are relevant to the job. There are no policies in place that apply to candidates who have a criminal or felony conviction.

All questions about criminal history on the application must answer truthfully. If you offered a job, you will ask to agree to a background check. If you are not truthful, you will disqualify right away.

A background check performed to protect the company, its employees, and its customers. A standard background check at Dollar General takes about a week.

To screen for illegal substances, the company employs a urine and swab test combination. They also conduct a mandatory drug test. This drug test will assist the company in identifying potential employees who use illegal drugs. If your test results are positive, you will disqualify immediately.

If you use recreational drugs, it might be a good idea to stop using them before applying for the job.

Dollar General Entry-Level Position

Does Dollar General recruit felons? Yes they do, if you want to work at Dollar General, there are numerous entry-level positions available. These include warehouse workers, cashiers, stocskers, drivers, sales associates, lead sales associates, and so on. These positions necessitate a variety of skills and qualifications. Make sure you fit the description before applying for any of these positions. If you qualified for managerial positions, you should apply when one becomes available.

Being prepared for the two interviews is essential for hired by Dollar General, even if you have a criminal record. You will first contact for a phone interview. Following that, you will invite to another interview. So, before you go to the interview, practice answering the possible questions. You will be able to discuss your criminal history during the interview. Explain the situation confidently and what valuable item you are bringing to Dollar General.

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