FBN can hire felons like any other agricultural organization in the country. So if you have dreamed of entering the agricultural industry, this is your chance. As usual, the nature of the crime you committed will be the main determining factor.

Before you apply, check for the available roles that you qualify for. But what is more important than that is streamlining those roles to the ones that have no connection with the felony conviction.

It is normal and legal for companies to carry out background checks on new hires. So you should expect it from the farmer’s business network.

What happens during a background check?

The background check usually takes up to two weeks, maximum. Once you grant the permission, they will check for the relevant aspects of your record to determine your authenticity.

Keep in mind that the farmer’s business network does not only do background checks when they hire felons. They carry it out for all employees as part of the vetting process.

The first thing worth mentioning here is that they indeed check for criminal records. But they will not disqualify you when they come across your felony record.

At the interview, you may be given a chance to explain yourself—this is very common with companies that hire felons. If you get this chance, make sure that you resist the urge to sugar-coat things.

The hiring managers have a lot of experience with people like you.

So if you make any attempt to lie, they will most likely notice and disqualify you. Instead of thinking of a way to trick them like most ex-felons, try to command their respect.

You must have an impressive resume to do so. When they see your resume and carry out a background check to confirm the things listed there, they will have a certain level of respect for you.

If you have a lot of skills and experience, it will also make them find you more appealing. This is why you are encouraged to improve your skills, get new certifications, and volunteer for even unpaid work to get experience.

The fact that a felon was able to improve their ways and have an impressive resume is something admirable. So, rather than pity, use this method to command their respect.

Your background check will go back seven years, so if you were convicted a long time ago, your chances of success will be higher.

Apart from your criminal record, they will also check your credit history. And that is not all. Your employment history, driving history, and educational background will also be checked.

If you are clean on all these aspects, your skills will make you more valuable than someone without a felony.

As much as companies like FBN are incorporating felons into their work force, It is better for you to always try multiple companies to increase your options.

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