Have you ever considered working for a business that sells supplies for crafts and hobbies? If that’s the case, you might be wondering: Does Hobby Lobby conduct background check when hiring felons?

When offenders return home, one of the most difficult tasks they confront is finding work. It’s difficult to reintegrate into society after such a long absence.

If you have experience in arts and crafts, and especially if you have worked in a retail setting, Hobby Lobby may be a good fit for you.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into whether Hobby Lobby hires felons.

Hobby Lobby – A Walkthrough of the Company

Hobby Lobby caters to the arts and crafts as well as the home decor markets. They provide picture framing services and provide lessons in a variety of arts and crafts at their sites.

David and Barbara Green, husband and wife, founded Hobby Lobby in their home in 1970. They started out making little picture frames for customers and soon expanded to a larger plant in Oklahoma City.

Hobby Lobby today employs 43,000 people and has 930 stores across the United States. In addition, Hobby Lobby has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Yiwu, China.

Hobby Lobby provides health and dental insurance, paid vacations, personal paid time off, a 401(k), and a discount to employees.

Having at least one weekend day off work is one of the major benefits that employees enjoy. All Hobby Lobby locations closed on Sundays because it is a Christian-owned corporation. There’s also the employee discount, which saves you money on almost everything you buy.

Does Hobby Lobby Recruit Felons?

According to their website, Hobby Lobby does not have an official policy against hiring convicts. Candidate evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

They do, however, recruit offenders based on the type and severity of the offense, as well as the length of time since the felony occurred. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of your criminal background, to be truthful in your responses to all queries, and to concentrate on the positive.

Does Hobby Lobby Conduct Background Check?

Does Hobby Lobby conduct background check? According to studies, Hobby Lobby is likely to do a background check on you. The scope and depth of the background check, on the other hand, will differ from one organization to the other.

Some positions require a credit check in addition to a normal credit check. This type of screening is typically utilized for management or leadership roles.

Felony Convictions that make it difficult to Get Job at Hobby Lobby

Even if a corporation prepared to hire someone with a criminal past, we all know that some felonies can create doubt. Here are a few that we believe will make it more difficult for you to get recruited here.

Because Hobby Lobby is a retail shop, we may expect their top priority to be their customers. A violent or sexual offense, on the other hand, will most likely have a difficult time getting a foot in the door.

The merchandise and money exchanged for purchases will be another priority. This will almost certainly cause them to be wary of any theft conviction.

Hobby Lobby’s Application Process

Now you are aware of does Hobby Lobby conduct background check. So, if you are interested you should also know the application process.

To apply for a job at Hobby Lobby, simply go to their careers website by clicking here. After that, you can look for job openings in your area.

You must be open and honest about your past with this organization. They are a Christian-owned company that also conducts background checks.

It’s a good sign if your felony brought up during the interview. It indicates that they are aware of your criminal history. Just tell them the truth. What you did and how long ago the offense occurred all go on whether or not you get hired.

The more you understand about the product you’re selling, is better for you. Take the time to understand more about your customers’ projects while assisting them. You will gradually gain knowledge of many art techniques.

If the crime is not brought up naturally during the interview, it may be in your best interest to bring it up yourself. It is an act of honesty that will demonstrate to them that you are serious about the job and that you are a trustworthy individual.

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