Getting your career back on track can sometimes necessitate grabbing the opportunity available. Instacart is one such opportunity that may be ideal for you. But, does Instacart conduct background check and hire felons?

This common question arises in a convict who wishes to restart their profession. As a result, this article will address some key questions that will help you determine whether they perform a background check or not. Here are a few examples:

  • Instacart – Info About the Company
  • Does Instacart Employ Felons?
  • Does Instacart conduct background check?
  • Job Responsibilities at Instacart
  • Felony Convictions that Make it Difficult to Hire here

Instacart – Info about the Company

The company employs over 10,000 people in the United States. And is one of the most popular home delivery services. Seniors, young adults, parents and workers, and students have all used Instacart at one point or another.

Instacart is a company that owns and maintains a website and software application. And, this platform allows customers to sign up and members to place orders which they claim to deliver in little as two hours.

Subscribers to Instacart have access to over 500 million products. And, they may shop at over 30,000 grocery store chains across the United States.

Does Instacart Employ Felons?

Yes, Instacart does hire convicts, according to our online research and feedback from other convicts. Even though their hiring policy does not directly address criminals. They have in the past hired persons with criminal backgrounds due to their Equal Opportunity Employer status.

However, the likelihood of a convicted felon hired by Instacart is dependent on several circumstances, including

Time of the conviction – Felony of more than seven years should have no trouble finding work. Hiring supervisors frequently overlook such records.

The nature of the crime – The kind of offense is an important factor to examine. It may be difficult for felons who have committed violent crimes, sexual offenses, theft, or aggravated assault to picked.

Job Role – Felons are rarely hired for sensitive positions.

Does Instacart Conduct Background Check?

Does Instacart conduct background check? Yes. Before hiring they run background check on them. Criminal records, educational records, previous work records. And, also driving records are frequently included in background checks.

Credit reports may also include. If you want to work as a personal shopper, you’ll need to have a clean driving record.

We don’t have any information regarding Instacart’s drug-testing rules. However, since they change frequently, you should prepare for a drug test as well.

Job Responsibilities at Instacart

Personal shoppers are out-of-the-office personnel who receive shopping requests from app users. They then go to the stores and acquire the things, which they subsequently deliver to the user at their home.

A valid driver’s license required to work as a personal shopper.

Care Executives: Care executives are customer service representatives who answer users’ calls and resolve their problems. They also work with personal shoppers to ensure that customers’ orders delivered on time.

Corporate responsibilities include: marketing, sales, business development, legal, finance. And, technical positions like application developers and network administrators.

Felony Convictions that Make it Difficult to Get a Job here

Now you know does Instacart conduct background check. Therefore, the next important thing you must know is the kind of felony convictions that would slim your chances of hiring.

Theft crimes will almost certainly cause you problems. Working at Instacart entails managing money and merchandise, as well as visiting customers’ houses.

Working here may be tough due to violent and sexual crimes. Instacart is a corporation that focuses on serving the public and the elderly and having close personal contact with them at times.

Offenses while driving may cause them to doubt your suitability for any work requiring delivery.


Food delivery is one of the few businesses sympathetic to convicts, even though it is not as appealing as an office job. Working in Instacart can help you reintegrate back into society, and earning money would greatly assist them.

If you can’t find a steady office job, food delivery may be able to help you get by until you do.

You may be able to have your data wiped after an 8 to 10-year term in some states. Such records are not visible in background checks and can improve your job prospects.

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