With over 25000 restaurants spread in over 145 countries, Kentucky Fried Chicken, abbreviated as KFC, is undeniably one of the most prominent fast-food restaurants in the world. In fact, it closely follows MacDonald’s in terms of fast-food sales.

Considering that finding jobs in hotels, restaurants, and eateries is easier for felons in the United States, you may want to try your luck at KFC. This article discusses the nitty-gritty of applying, preparing for interviews, background checks, and getting hired at KFC.

Why do restaurants such as KFC hire felons?

Restaurants are in search of dependable, timely, and hardworking individuals.  Given that felons learn to manage their time correctly in prison, they make a good fit for food and beverage jobs. Additionally, it is hard for ex-criminals to get hired, necessitating reliability and carefulness.

 Moreover,  ex-felons presumed to be violent can be assigned duties in the kitchen where there is minimal interaction with people.

Does KFC hire felons?

Resources from the internet indicate that KFC hires felons. That said, you must remember that KFC is a franchise and the discretion of hiring a felon rests on the owners of the franchise.  

On a positive note, though, sources reveal that most KFC restaurants do not carry out background checks for entry-level jobs, but they do for supervisory positions.

Does KFC carry out background checks

Felons looking for entry-level jobs at KFC can smile because it rarely carries out background checks for such positions. However, the case is different for supervisory/ managerial positions.  

On the contrary, KFC has neither subscribed to the Ban the Box movement nor the Fair Chance Business campaign, seeking to help former offenders reenter society. Thus, KFC employers will ask questions pertaining to your criminal histories on their job applications.

How do you apply for KFC jobs?

You can find openings for cooks/chefs, team members, cashiers, restaurant supervisors, branch managers, and general managers at KFC. To check the currently available jobs, visit https://jobs.kfc.com/. Otherwise, you might want to know KFC’s values and heritage by checking their global website. Additionally, you can look at the KFC job application form.

How do you prepare for a KFC interview?

Preparation for a KFC interview will depend on the position you are shortlisted for. Nonetheless, the interview touches on:

  • Customer care and relations
  • Personal motivation
  • Availability
  • Salary expectations
  • Team playing
  • Interest in joining KFC
  • Honesty and good communication

How to get hired at KFC after incarceration?

If your dream is to work at KFC after incarceration, you’ll have to explore their website and notice the available jobs. Take into account jobs which most match your academic qualifications, skills, experience, and interests.

Positions that you previously held before you while incarcerated or that you worked while under imprisonment may have equipped you with employable skills and experience.

Indeed, having a complete CV will not only make you stand out during the pre-interview process but also enhance shortlisting.  Thus, if you doubt your CV, you must consider having it craft professionally.


You have a chance to get hired at KFC. It is even much easier to land beginner KFC jobs as such do not require any experience. In addition, the franchise doesn’t run background checks on entry-level jobs.

The commonly vacant positions at KFC include chefs, team members, and cashiers. The benefit of KFC is that it trains its employees and offers them room for career progression.

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