If you are fond of arts and crafts or home decor, you’ve probably heard of Michaels. They are like a candy store for crafters, but does Michaels recruit felons? Then allow us to know how to get hired here if you have retail experience — even if you have a criminal record.

As previously stated, Michaels is a well-known craft store. They sell everything from paints to massive picture frames. They have seasonal items, and their store has everything you could need for crafting.

Michaels is a company that always seems to be hiring. This is a fantastic opportunity for felons to find work, and therefore, one can consider this company. Moreover, the company also improves their social skills while also earning them money the right way.

Regarding Michaels

Michaels is the world’s largest retailer of crafting supplies, art supplies, floral arrangements, framing, and other items. They provide seasonal decor to suit everyone’s taste.

Michael J. Dupey founded the company in 1973. The first store opened in Dallas, Texas, and it quickly spread across the country.

Michaels began selling the Rainbow Loom in 2013. It later won the Toy of the Year award. They collaborated with the Starlight Children’s Foundation in both the United States and Canada in 2015.

The company provides full-time employees with health insurance, 401k plans, and competitive pay. Part-time employees can benefit from store discounts and savings, competitive pay, 401k plans, and the opportunity for career advancement.

People enjoy working at Michaels because they are made to feel welcome. They can take as much time off as they need and feel free to be themselves.

Does Michaels Recruit Felons?

According to the live chat representative, Michaels does hire felons. Unfortunately, a felon’s criminal record can be an issue. This is if the company believes the felon may endanger its employees.

All potential employees, including felons, will be subjected to a background check. Unless the record is deleted, this will reveal the felon’s criminal history.

Does Michaels Conduct Background Checks?

Does Michaels recruit felons? All potential employees are subjected to background checks by Michaels. They are free to look for any information they deem necessary. They can also lookup a person’s criminal history.

Employers have the right to view credit reports, criminal records, driving records, and other information. This allows Michaels to see a person’s mistakes in the past, which they are as people, and how financially stable them, are.

Some Examples of Entry-Level Jobs

Michaels is a craft and hobby retailer. Most of their jobs will involve assisting customers with their purchases and locating items for a craft or DIY project. Here are a few of their first-level job positions:

Cashier/Sales Associate — Assist customers in finding what they’re looking for while also providing a friendly and quick checkout.

Merchandise Stocker — This is an excellent position for an early riser. Before the store opens, you’ll be unloading merchandise from trucks and stocking shelves. You may also be assisting customers in locating items.

How to Get a Job at Michaels Despite a Felony?

Does Michaels recruit felons? The answer is “yes” and if you are ready to learn how to get a job at Michaels even if you have a felony? Here are some helpful hints to help you progress from the application stage to the interview stage.

Michaels’ application is fairly straightforward. It will be beneficial to your application and interview! Even if they do not require a resume, it is always a good idea to have one on hand.

Most people overlook the skills they learned from previous jobs or small side jobs. Some examples are helping a neighbor move, cleaning houses for extra money, and even running errands for the elderly lady down the street. These demonstrate that you are trustworthy, dependable, and responsible — qualities that employers seek and should thus are included on your resume!

When it comes to interviews, most people get nervous. Practicing with a friend or family member is a great way to overcome this. There are only a few things to keep in mind for a successful interview, such as:

  • Arrive early
  • Wear something that isn’t too flashy. Something you would wear to a church event is a good option.
  • Cover any tattoos and piercings until you find out what their policy is on these things.
  • Your good manners and friendliness will leave an indelible impression. This is a customer-oriented company, and they will be trying to gauge how you will interact with their clients.

Lastly, tell them about your history. Remember, they are lenient toward felons, so being truthful will benefit you.

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