We know finding a job with a felony is always a stressful task for anyone. Usually, companies don’t prefer hiring any person with a criminal record. And the reason is pretty simple. They don’t want to put the safety and reputation of their business at risk. Luckily, things are changing quickly. These days many companies have eased up their strict hiring policies. They have shown keen intention to offer more and more ex-convict jobs. And it all becomes possible due to constant support from the government.

MOD Pizza is one of those companies that has broken the common myth of not hiring ex-convicts. However, there is no official policy regarding hiring them. But as per a 2016 CNN article, the company prides itself on offering many ex-convict jobs to them. In fact, 21% of their employees come from the second-chance hiring group. So, it is quite possible to avail of these second chance jobs for felons. This article will define A to Z about the hiring process for ex-convicts at MOD Pizza.

Know about the Hiring Process for Ex-convicts at MOD Pizza

There is no doubt MOD Pizza is very much open to hiring ex-convicts. In fact, they feel everyone deserves a second chance. If we look at its official website, it has cleared its intention to hire ex-convicts on the career page. The company states that they care about second chances. Besides, they believe that every employee should be considered on the basis of their skill rather than their past records.

Please note that the company abides by the Ban the Box laws. So, they will not ask about your criminal history on the application. Most of the time, they prefer not to conduct a background check if the applicant is honest about his past.

However, the hiring process at MOD Pizza is simple yet competitive. So, job applicants have to show their skills to crack the interview. The hiring process involves just two basic stages. The first one is an application and the second one is an on-site interview.

If you wish to apply online, just visit the career page on its official website. You will find many ex-convict jobs there. Now, choose the post you want to apply for. However, you have to create an account before submitting the online application. This application form requires some basic information about your work and educational experience, along with your salary expectation and availability.

After submitting the application, you will have to wait a week or two to receive a response from the company. The on-site interview process is usually quite casual. It can end only in 15 minutes if you apply for entry-level jobs. However, the interview session may last up to an hour if you apply for corporate and manager posts.

What Posts are Available for Ex-convicts in MOD Pizza?

There is no doubt MOD Pizza is one of the most successful pizza restaurant chains in our country. It has more than 8000 employees working in 500+ locations. This includes many ex-convicts also. As mentioned previously, almost 21% of their employees come from this category. So, there are plenty of opportunities for them as the company offers many ex-convict jobs every year. These include:

  • Restaurant Staff
  • Crew Member
  • Line Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Waiter
  • Shift leader
  • And many more

However, the chances of hiring are heavily influenced by the nature of the crime any individual committed. So, a theft conviction might make it hard for a person to be hired as a cashier. Similarly, a drug conviction could make it difficult for a person to work in the back kitchen, cooking or dishwashing.

Final Thought

To sum up, MOD Pizza is a perfect company to join for ex-convicts. They are very much in favor of them. Every year, they offer more and more jobs for them. So, anyone can apply for ex-convict jobs there. No doubt, it’s worth a shot because MOD Pizza offers many benefits along with decent pay.

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