For convicts, finding work in any industry is a major challenge. Though finding work is difficult, but not impossible. Felons’ job prospects are typically limited to entry-level positions. After released from jail, felons are able to reintegrate into society through a job. But, here the biggest question is: Does Post Office hire convicted felons?

Felons Have a Job Opportunity with the Federal Government

Because felons deemed dishonest, untrustworthy, and reckless, it may be difficult for felons to find work in the federal government. Criminals believe that working for the federal government is impossible. In the first instance, the government is the governing body that arrests, prosecutes and imprisons convicts.

But it is a misconception that the government will not hire convicts. However, the situation is not same in the US. Furthermore, for offenders to apply for open government posts, the government promotes legitimate work opportunities.

Hiring Procedures for the Postal Service

The Postal Service does not hire on the basis of previous employment history but rather on individual merit. Applicants evaluated on their dependability and ability to handle the positions they are applying for.

However, offenders in the Postal Service are almost never offered sensitive positions, preferring entry-level work instead.

A background check required as part of the postal service application procedure. The background check entails a five-year examination of the applicant’s past. Above all, this conducted in all counties where the criminal lived during that time period.

The investigation looks into the reasons for convictions as well as pending cases. The records will ignore in the recruitment process if the accused acquitted or the case dismissed.

In the hiring process, convictions that have sealed erased, or where the decision has been set aside or overturned do not count.

What Specific Crime May Risk Your Employment?

Does Post Office hire convicted felons? They certainly do. Some charges, on the other hand, may jeopardize your chances. Here are several examples:

  • Offenses involving sexuality
  • Theft
  • Offenses involving vehicles

Does Post Office hire convicted felons?Entry-Level Positions Available

Workers are typically sought by the Postal Service to fill a variety of positions. With them, you’d have access to a wide range of opportunities. On their career site, you can look at roles ranging from delivery drivers to mail handlers, carriers (both rural and urban), mail clerks, and even mechanics. The possibilities are numerous.

Aside from this, the Postal Service offers a plethora of other alternatives. You can visit their website that will help you tailor your search for vacancies at Postal Service branches near you in order to locate a position that’s right for you.

Does Post Office Hire Convicted Felons – Some Helpful Tips

Does Post Office hire convicted felons? If you interested in working for the Postal Service here are some tips:

  • Create your CV strong and appealing; this is your chance to make a good first impression; don’t waste it.
  • Take the time to learn about the position you’re applying for.
  • Know what abilities you’ll need. Make sure you understand the job requirements by reading the job description.
  • You may need to have someone else look at your review once you’ve written it. A recommendation from a friend or family member can go a long way toward improving the quality of your CV.
  • Competition can be fierce at the postal services. Keep in mind that the best man gets the job. But don’t worry; here are some pointers to help you stand out from the crowd:
  • Set a confident and upbeat tone.
  • Punctuality is crucial – arrive early.
  • If you’re questioned about your criminal history, be honest.
  • Make your responses accurate and succinct.


A postal service is a good place for felons to work. This opportunity gives them the security and confidence to get back on their feet without difficulty. Many industries treat convicts with contempt because of their criminal records. Felons can make earnest efforts to get degrading offenses removed from their criminal records. And focus solely on pursuing a position with the postal service.

While handling consumers’ mail items, felons should not pose a threat to them. Postal service helps offenders to live a dignified life based on the essential qualities of hard work, determination, and dedication.

Felons pick the postal service because it is a branch of the federal government. As a result, this can help a convict begin his career and re-establish his family’s financial stability.

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