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All of you have already heard about Publix. It is the largest employee-based grocery chain in our country. Besides, it is treated as one of the best employers in the US. Every year it offers many jobs in different positions. And these openings are open for anyone, including ex-cons. So, as a felon, you can apply for jobs that felons can get at Publix.

However, getting a job at Publix is not everyone’s cup of tea. And the reason is pretty simple. Every year the company receives more than 2,000,000 job applications. So, it is quite natural that there is intense competition among job seekers to get a job at Publix. One has to show utmost dedication and commitment to get a job at Publix. In this article, we will discuss A to Z about the hiring process for ex-cons at Publix.

Know about the Hiring Process for Jobs that Felons Can Get

Unfortunately, Publix is not listed on the ban-the-box list. Besides, we have not found any official policy regarding hiring felons. But ex-cons should not be disappointed at all. Anyone looking for jobs that felons can get should know Publix has no issues about hiring ex-cons. In fact, it believes that they should deserve a second chance to restart their career.

Individual applying for a job at this grocery chain has to visit Publix’s official website. And search for the available job openings. After that, the person has to choose the preferred job post and apply for that. However, they have to upload an updated CV to apply. 

However, it asks any job applicant about criminal records on the application. Besides, it runs a detailed background check to verify any applicant’s past crimes. So, we always advise our readers to discuss their records during interviews. This is especially important if they think their felony will come up in a background check.

Publix will call the applicant for a face-to-face interview only if they find their felony would not cause a problem. This is the final stage of the hiring process. In this stage, applicants must show their strengths and skills to impress the hiring manager. Besides, they should disclose their felonies and express what steps they have taken to rehab themselves.

What Posts are Available for Ex-Cons in Publix?

Being the leading employee-based grocery chain in the US, Publix has currently employed more than 230,000 people. So, there are plenty of options for everyone, including ex-cons. Let’s explore what kind of warehouse jobs that felons can get at Publix.

Felons can apply for the following warehouse positions:

  • Cafeteria worker
  • Distribution operator
  • Forklift operator
  • Inventory checker
  • Order checker
  • Stocker
  • Truck driver
  • Warehouse associate

No doubt, the chances of getting hired are largely influenced by the nature of the crime the person committed. This means if anyone has a theft conviction, they may not be qualified to serve as a cashier. Similarly, someone who has committed the offense of DUI might find difficulties working as a truck driver. However, we should not forget one thing. Ultimately, it is completely under the hiring manager’s responsibility to take the final call.

How Much Does Publix Offer for the Warehouse Jobs?

If we look at the average reported salary for the warehouse jobs at Publix, it is $15 per hour. However, this wage structure varies as per the experience and skills of any worker. An experienced truck driver or cafeteria worker can earn $30-45 per hour easily.

Final Thoughts

Doubtless, getting warehouse jobs that felons can get is relatively easier than other job posts. And the reason is pretty simple. This kind of job is physically demanding and repeatedly needs the same physical notion. So, many people don’t express their interest in warehouse jobs. Besides, Publix has no issues hiring people without prior experience for this job, and they will provide proper job training to make you ideal for the job. So, if you are looking for second chance jobs for felons, consider applying at Publix Supermarkets for warehouse jobs.

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