So you’re looking for a job in the retail industry? Perhaps you viewed Staples but did not decide it because you didn’t know: Does Staples recruit felons? So, don’t be hesitant any longer! This article will provide you with the answer to your inquiry.

After released from jail, a felon faces numerous hurdles; the most significant is finding work. If you’re seeking a job, a felon with experience working at a retail office business, then Staples can be a good fit.

This post will discuss the following topics:

Staples – An Introduction about the Company

Staples are a national retailer of office supplies. In addition, other associated services with locations across the United States. Staples have increased its services throughout time. They now offer office technology, break room needs, furniture, printing services, and promotional products.

Staples formed in Brighton, Massachusetts, on May 1, 1986. Tom Stemberg created the company after he couldn’t find a typewriter ribbon one holiday weekend. And he thought that the world needed an office superstore to meet all of his office supply demands.

Staples have nearly 1,500 locations in the United States and Canada, with most of them in the United States. They employ approximately 70,000 people and generate over $14 billion in annual revenue.

Both full-time and part-time employees at Staples can take advantage of a range of advantages.

Exempt employees at the corporation are also entitled to paid time off, which they can use for any purpose. However, employees who are not exempt are entitled to paid vacation, holiday, and sick time.

Does Staples Recruit Felons?

Staples appear to be able to hire convicts, according to various online analyses. As the organization has no explicit policy on hiring convicts. The choice will most likely make at the managers’ discretion.

Although no specific policy exists at this time, hiring practices may change in the future. When interviewing for a job, it is always important, to be honest with a possible employer.

Background Check at Staples

Staples will ask for permission to conduct a pre-employment background check during application. The application will terminate if you do not consent to the background check.

Staples do a background check to safeguard itself, its employees, and its customers. However, there is no explicit policy about recruiting convicts at the organization. It may be difficult to get recruited for a job if you have a felony past in situations like these.

Nonetheless, a corporation like Staples cannot simply refuse to hire someone who has convicted of a felony. If there is a situation of the company’s safety, an application can turned down.

The results of a background check at Staples may differ from one store to the next.

If a felon’s record wiped, he or she has the best chance of landing a job at Staples.

Getting a Job at Staples: Some Useful Tips

After knowing does Staples recruit felons, it is important that you apply for the job on their web portal. A felon should consider the following steps to improve his or her chances of getting recruited at Staples:

  • Workability and zeal to work extra hours
  • Having trustworthy referrals
  • Being able to submit a recent resume that outlines employment expertise is essential.
  • Being truthful about all personal details and past
  • Arriving for an interview early
  • Putting on appropriate clothing
  • Respecting and being nice
  • Clearly expressing oneself and demonstrating passion

If it comes up, don’t try to disguise the fact that you have a criminal conviction. Instead, state the facts without being passionate about the conviction.

Job Openings at Staples

Staples have a large number of job openings. For example, you might be able to get work in one of the stores. You can assist consumers in locating and checking out items. Working as a stocker is another option. You’ll make certain that the store is well-stocked. You can reorder the things in question if they’re running low.

Final Thoughts

Now you are well aware of does Staples recruit felons. So, when applying for the job application, don’t lie about your past. If Staples finds out about this, you might not consider a job. Highlight the qualities and abilities that qualify you for the position, and emphasize them throughout the interview.

Above all, accept responsibility for your past choices and describe how you’re reorganizing your life. You can find out what an employer will notice on your record by conducting a background check.

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