Taco Bell is recognized for popularizing Mexican cuisine in the United States. Customers may get an affordable dinner at this fast-food joint, featuring tacos, burritos, and nachos. The corporation has around 7500 locations around the world, with a total workforce of 2,10,000 employees. But the exciting question is: Does Taco Bell employ convicted felons? And, that is the topic of this post. 

Today you will learn whether Taco Bell hires felons or not, as well as the protocol for doing so. So, let’s get started.

Does Taco Bell Employ Convicted Felons?

Taco Bell does recruit felons, but only under certain conditions. Some Taco Bell stores are corporate-owned, while others franchised. Applying at a franchise store is the best option.

An independent person owns and operates a franchise location, and these eateries determine their recruiting standards. For all corporate-owned locations, there is a single set of recruiting rules.

Is there a background check at Taco Bell?

Employees at Taco Bell subjected to a background check, but only for specified roles. Background checks are not carried out on lower-level positions, according to research and former and current employees.

A background check would require for any employee who handles money or for any supervisory role. This, too, is dependent on whether the restaurant is a franchise or a corporate-owned establishment.

Does Taco Bell Employ Convicted Felons?Taco Bell Jobs

We’ve already addressed does Taco Bell employs convicted felons, and now it’s time to learn about the positions they have to offer.

Working at Taco Bell offers the possibility of progressing to something more solid and long-term. Even if you have a conviction, starting in an entry-level role might lead to a stable position within the organization. Working your way up will teach you to value the job and the effort you put in.

A background check may required because you will be handling money as a cashier or member of the customer service team, but it is an excellent place to start. Running a cash register and waiting on customers will be your responsibilities.

A member of the food service team is in charge of assisting with front-line meal preparation. This position also aids in the cleanliness of the dining room and parking lot.

A prep/cleaning team member places kitchen orders and assists with cleaning the dining room and parking lot. This position necessitates precision and quality.

A cook is in charge of preparing and executing customer orders. This is a back-end position, and unique orders necessitate attention to detail.

A team lead assists with all positions while also allowing coworkers to take breaks as needed. A team leader is also responsible for training new staff in other departments.

Taco Bell’s Application Process

At Taco Bell, there are two methods to apply. You can first fill out a paper application by visiting the restaurant. Second, you can apply online at their website http://jobs.tacobell.com and apply online.

If you’re applying in person, make sure you’ve dressed adequately because the manager will certainly be there. Also, fill out the application because it will demonstrate your interest in the position.

Make sure you fill out every component of the application, whether you fill it out in person or online. Missing information makes a person appear less appealing, and you want your application to seen.

Make sure you’re as open as possible when you’re called in for an interview. If your background brought up, highlight your desire to live a clean life and avoid lying, as this can also make you appear untrustworthy.

Also, explain any gaps in employment during an interview when submitting a resume online in the employment section.

Working for Taco Bell Has Its Advantages

Taco Bell is a decent employer that provides criminals with a flexible work schedule to boost their self-esteem. It provides four weeks of vacation and half-day Fridays. Felons receive legitimate recompense systems and scholarship opportunities themselves and their children.

Does Taco Bell have a drug-testing policy?

The last part of the” does Taco Bell employ convicted felons” article is the drug test. Felons entitled to 6 weeks of paternity leave, with both parents receiving a paternity leave allowance. If they join Taco Bell, they will be eligible for a variety of advantages. However, they must pass the drug test to receive a valid job offer from Taco Bell. Random drug testing causes issues because convicts have a higher likelihood of released. For felons, random drug testing leads to termination of employment.


Taco Bell provides good job prospects for felons. The job focuses on rehabilitating offenders by giving them new and demanding roles. Background checks and drug tests have both positive and bad implications for convicts seeking work. When it comes to employing felons, none of the franchisees conduct drug tests. Drug tests with random screenings help the company to exclude drug users from career opportunities.

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