Taco Bell adds a lot to the economy as one of the major restaurant chains in the country. They employ a lot of people every year, and this also includes felons.

If you have been trying to secure employment unsuccessfully, Taco Bell is a good place to try. You’ll have a very high chance of getting employed because they believe in second chances.

Since Taco Bell is such a large corporation, they are always hiring. And there is a role in business for every skill you have. Concerning how they hire felons, Taco Bell seems to have different policies for different roles.

The franchise plays a major role

Taco Bell has no rules that state that felons should not be given jobs. They are known to have hired felons in the past, but the modus operandi changes from franchise to franchise.

Some Taco Bell franchises hire felons easily, while others will make things taxing for you. But if you are competent and can prove it at the interview, you will definitely get the job.

While all Taco Bell franchises may carry out background checks on applicants, some of them don’t even bother. As long as you are applying for a job at an entry level position, most Taco Bell franchises will not bother to do a background check on you.

But if you are trying to fill a managerial role, you will need to grant permission for a background check. When Taco Bell carries out an investigation, it will not be restricted to your criminal records.

Besides that, they will want to know other important details that can disqualify you for a particular post. They will look into your driving history, employment history, credit history, and other relevant factors to the job you applied for.

If you have committed a violent crime, fraud, or theft, Taco Bell may not hire you for a managerial role. And when you find yourself in a situation like this, you are not supposed to give up because there are other options in the company.

Positions that felons can have at Taco Bell

All entry level jobs are open to felons. They do not carry out background checks for such roles, so no one will even know about your past. If you insist on a managerial position due to your qualifications and experience, you will go through a thorough investigation.

After they confirm the kind of crime you committed and how long it has been since you were convicted, you will be asked to give your own explanations. During the interview, don’t lie or try to play mind games with the hiring manager.

Even if you don’t get a managerial position after all your efforts, you can still climb to that role. If you start afresh at an entry level, you can get promoted to higher positions depending on your performance and time spent at the company.

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