We’re thrilled you’ve come because it implies you’re serious about finding work, supporting your family, and building a prosperous life. You’re undoubtedly wondering does Target hires felons at this moment. In this post, you will get your answer to that question, as well as a few others, such as, have Target hired people with previous convictions.

Does Target Hires Felons? – Let’s Find Out!

Yes, it appears to be the general consensus. Many websites have multiple testimonials confirming that Target is willing to recruit convicts. However, this may not apply to all felons, but Target appears to give them a second opportunity.

Target has removed the question that asks applicants if they have a prior conviction record, following the Ban-the-Box and fair opportunity business pledges. While the employer performs background checks, they are only done as part of a conditional job offer.

If the applicant demonstrates that they are the most qualified for the position, they are likely to get it.

Target, like other businesses, evaluates a variety of variables before making a final employment choice. Aptitude, personality, type of crime committed, time since release, and references may all be considered.

Target has made it clear they consider the safety of their team members and customer to be vital. Therefore any crime that would suggest the risk is likely to disqualify the candidate.

Some felons may have managed to have their record expunged or sealed. In such cases, Target confirms they need not make any disclosure.

During the interview, a candidate should be honest about their conviction and explain the facts around it. As a result, for those whose records are still accessible, disclosure is critical. It also provides a chance to demonstrate the change made sense to become a better person.

With a company like Target, getting your foot in the door is a lot easier. You have a fair possibility of getting a job depending on how well you present your case.

It is vital to be honest because background checks because Target is ready to hire felons. Failure to tell the truth will almost certainly come back to haunt you when the report is written.

Have They Ever Recruited Felons Before?

Target has never confirmed or denied recruiting convicts in the past, so don’t be worried. As you can see from their response, they are likely to have employed people with criminal records. Most significantly, they believe in giving ex-offenders a second shot.

Is Target Willing to Recruit People who have Committed Misdemeanors?

We could not uncover any particular evidence on this, but we have a strong suspicion that Target employs people who have been convicted of misdemeanors.

Entry-Level Jobs Available in Target for Felons

Target is a growing company, demonstrating the trust that customers have in them. The number of shoppers has increased by 3% in just three months. As a result, more customers necessitate more personnel.

So, what types of jobs can you expect to find at Target?

If you look at their employment page, you’ll notice that they frequently offer roles like

  • Sales floor members
  • Food-service help
  • Cashiers
  • Logistical team
  • Beauty team member
  • Electronic section

Cleaning, stocking shelves, and taking the shopping carts out of the parking lot are examples of light labor that you can also expect. The majority of these entry-level professions do not necessitate a college diploma. On the other hand, you should emphasize your abilities in your initial application and during an interview.

How to Get Job at Target with Felony?

One of the easiest methods to acquire a job at Target with a felony is to demonstrate from the start that you would make an excellent team member. Go online and look into the positions you’d like to apply for.

If you’ve never worked in this field before, don’t be discouraged. Make an effort to be creative. What jobs did you have in prison that you can apply for in the real world? Dorm jobs, librarianship, kitchen employees, clerkship, and other roles in prison should have provided you with important experience.

Consider what you could include on a resume if you worked those jobs:

  • Excellent time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Work Experience in a Kitchen

So, now that you know does Target hires felons, choose the store you wish to work at and go in person to apply. Yes, you can apply online, but meeting the person hiring you in person is always preferable. Moreover, when you arrive, be happy and make sure you’re properly attired and groomed.

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