When you have been convicted of a crime, your reputation is one of the most difficult things to get back. But if you work at Tesla, you can regain your place in society.

Tesla is a highly reputable company, but they don’t discriminate. Your felony record could affect your chances for certain roles, but you still have a chance. As a matter of fact, no company is allowed to disqualify you based on your past crimes alone.

Tesla has hired many felons in the past. So you have no reason to doubt their stance on felons. The main factors are the nature of your past crime, the job description, and your qualifications.

What does Tesla look for in a background check?

When you apply for a job at Tesla, they will carry out a background check. This is not unique to felons since they do it for all applicants. Like other top companies, they will check for the following:

  • Employment history
  • Driving history
  • Your educational background and qualifications
  • Credit history
  • Felony conviction or criminal record

For people that don’t have a criminal record, other aspects could disqualify them. So you are actually on a level playing field with other applicants when it comes to background checks.

Normally, background checks take between two and four weeks at Tesla. They carry out thorough investigations to confirm your identity as well as your honesty.

So far, the biggest threat to any job applicant, felon or not, is dishonesty. But felons are more inclined to lie because they already feel disadvantaged—don’t fall for it.

Whether it’s about your criminal record, the nature of your offense, or qualifications, always stay on the truthful side of things. It will keep you on the right track.

After your background check, Tesla will invite you to answer some questions about what they found. This is another opportunity for you to sell yourself in a skillful yet honest way.

When they see a past criminal record, Tesla is known to ask felons what they have done to change. So if you have volunteered for any project or taken up any self-development program, tell them.

If you have not done anything like that, now is the best time to start. Do something that will positively impact society and start a course on personal development. These things can be proof that you have rejected the life of crime.

Your chances as a felon

Focus on your qualifications and skills. It will be hard for the company to reject someone with an impressive resume, even if they have a felony record.

Another way to boost your chances is to apply for entry-level roles. They will still carry out background checks, but your chances will be greater since advanced-level jobs require more scrutiny.

Tesla entry-level roles that are currently available include warehouse associate, material handler, and spare parts clerk.

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