Union Pacific has been operating since the 1860s. It is a very reputable company that has stood the test of time. So they definitely have a slot or two for felons.

As someone who has been convicted of a crime, you should be focusing on making money and revamping your reputation. And working at Union Pacific will be good for your image as well as your financial life.

Union Pacific and background checks

Just like many other companies, Union Pacific will run a background check on an applicant before offering them a job. This is the part where many felons start to panic, but you don’t have to.

Union Pacific is very particular about an applicant’s background. So they have a team of investigators that carry out important checks to validate someone for a job.

These investigators will check employment history, credit records, military history, level of education, driving record, and, of course, your criminal record.

Some sources claim that Union Pacific does not hire people after confirming that they have a criminal record, but it is not completely true.

What Union Pacific does is give more chances to felons whose criminal records are a few years old. So if you’re fresh out of jail, your chances of getting the job will be slimmer than someone who was released years ago.

If you apply, the investigators will invite you for an interview and ask you about your conviction. Though your chances will be slim, you could still get the job if you impress them at the interview.

There are many job opportunities in this transport company. So even if you don’t get the one you applied for, they will offer you other alternatives. The most important thing is that you will have a job and a good salary.

What you need to work for the railroad

As a felon, you are already a few steps behind other applicants looking for the same job. But if you have these requirements, you can get picked over those who do not have them despite their record.

The first one is a high school diploma or a GED. Almost every applicant has this. So you need other things like a valid driver’s license, good vision and hearing, no record of driving under the influence in the past two years, and the ability to lift at least 75 pounds.

You should also be able to pass an aptitude test, a medical test, and a strength test.

Don’t let Union Pacific be your only choice

When applying for jobs, don’t be afraid of rejections, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. As much as Union Pacific is a great place to work, they can be very strict with felon applicants.

This is why you should try your best because of the good pay and employment benefits. But don’t make Union Pacific your only option; they are not exactly “felon favorites.”

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