Working at a grocery store may be the best job for you after a felony. But, have you ever considered does United Supermarkets recruit felons?

This article can help you get a job at United Supermarkets even if you have a felony and want to work on your feet and help customers. And, it will accomplish this by responding to the following questions:

United Supermarkets – A Walkthrough of the Brand

United Supermarkets is a grocery store chain in North America. Its roots can be traced back to 1916, when H.D. Snell opened store in Sayre, Oklahoma.

Now they own over 95 stores and employs over 10,000 people, which is enormous compared to the competitors.

Benefits for United Supermarkets retail employees differ by location. Vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage are examples of benefits that may provided. Employees who work part-time are also eligible for benefits. When asked to an employee what they liked best about working at United Supermarkets, they frequently mentioned the work environment and the ability to work from home.

Does United Supermarkets Recruit Felons?

Because United Supermarkets is a large chain with numerous locations, hiring requirements may differ depending on the location. United Supermarkets does hire felons, as per the data shared on the website and other resources.

Hiring policies may change at any time and may differ depending on the United Supermarkets location. It is best to be upfront and honest during your interview when asked for any felony. Otherwise, you will disqualify in case a felony is found later from the position.

Does United Supermarkets conduct Background Checks?

Does United Supermarkets recruit felons? Yes, they do and according to the research, United Supermarkets also conducts background checks on its employees. A potential employee’s background check will look into any convictions they may have on their record. This will happen before a potential employee starts working for the company.

Because United Supermarkets has many locations across the United States, the extent of the background check may determined by the hiring policy at that location. According to some of the sources, the background check can go back as far as seven years.

Jobs at United Supermarkets

United Supermarkets is a company that places a premium on quality and fostering a positive work environment for its employees. With various positions available at their retail locations, there is a good chance you will find one that interests you. The five most common jobs at United Supermarkets listed below.

Deli Clerks are responsible for slicing deli meats and cheeses for customers, frying and baking chicken and other foods, preparing sandwiches and other food items, assisting customers in making food selections, stocking cases, cleaning sanitizing food areas, and performing other related tasks.

Bakery Sales Clerk: duties involve wrapping and pricing bakery goods, displaying bakery goods, operating an automatic bread slicer, recording bakery inventory, taking special bakery orders from customers, and other similar tasks.

Courtesy Clerk: duties include bagging groceries for customers, providing carryout services, checking prices for customers, recovering shopping carts from the parking lot, wiping spills, managing customer restrooms clean, and other tasks related to giving excellent customer service to guests.

Night Crew Clerk: Ordering and stocking products, creating and maintaining shopping displays, organizing the back storage room, taking special orders from customers, and assisting customers as needed.

Grocery clerk: People who have this position do duties related to purchasing products, stocking and revolving product. And, also creating and maintaining shopping displays.

How to Get a Job at United Supermarkets despite a Felony?

Now you know does United Supermarkets recruit felons. So you believe United Supermarkets is a good fit for you but aren’t sure how to get hired. That’s where this post can help. The tips below will walk you through the United Supermarkets application and interview process.

The first thing you should do is complete their online application. So, to that go to their website careers page, select a location, and look for an open position that matches your experience.

Following that, you’ll list any previous work experience, job titles, and dates of employment. If you have a resume, keep it close at hand so that you can enter accurate information.

So you sent in your application and got a call back. Congratulations! Now, here are United Supermarkets interview tips:

Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. You want to demonstrate to the company that you are punctual and serious about your position.

Dress in business-casual attire. Hide any tattoos and remove any piercings until you learn the company’s tattoo and piercing policy.

And, as always, be truthful about your history. They don’t ask about it on the application, but they will run a background check, so it’s best to be honest while you still have the chance.

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