Former felons have a lot of options in the trucking industry. That raises the question: Does USA Truck employ convicted felons?

This question is concern for ex-felons to resume a normal life after serving in prison also, for securing employment. Therefore, this is one of the most difficult challenges ex-cons face. And this is because no company will hire someone with a criminal record.

So, keep reading to learn does USA Truck employ convicted felons.

USA Truck – A Walk-through about the Company

USA Truck specializes in delivering cargo transportation services to businesses across the nation. They’re a big corporation serving hundreds of companies.

Crawford Produce, Inc., then known as USA Truck, started in 1938 with only ten tractors. The business grew over time and renamed USA Truck in 1986.

The company has been in operation for more than 35 years and is a well-known name in the over-the-road transportation industry. They employ over 2,000 people and have over 30 locations across the country.

They named in the “Top 100 Carriers” list in 2017 and received Anheuser Busch’s “Large Size Truckload Carrier of the Year” title.

Medical, dentistry, vision, and life insurance policies are available to USA Truck employees. Other perks include flexible work schedules, loyalty prizes for drivers, and the freedom to bring their pets on the road.

According to USA Truck employees, strong communication and respect make this a nice place to work. Many employees also like USA Truck’s various paid bonuses and benefits.

Background Check in USA Truck

Before you get to know that does USA Truck employ convicted felons? It is important to understand background check.

Background check is understandable because these businesses have a reputation to uphold. And don’t want their image harmed. Background checks are always performed before an individual hired as an employee at these companies.

These background checks often include full information on all prospective employees’ criminal backgrounds. However, this act may prevent ex-felons from reintegrating into society. Ex-felons are recruited and hired by some businesses, allowing them to take on some responsibilities.

Transportation firms considered highly flexible. They are open to receiving applications from all perspectives. Whether graduates or not. They are open to receiving personnel as long as they are trustworthy. And reputable also they do not require stringent qualifications.

To ensure that their trucking company has the best truck drivers, some companies also offer truck driving training. Although not all of these businesses allow and hire convicts, some do so under certain conditions, while others refuse to hire them at all.

Does USA Truck Employ Convicted Felons?

According to our source, convicts will consider for employment on a case-by-case basis at USA Truck. Unlike some organizations that will only recruit convicts after a particular time. USA Truck on the other hand does not have a time limit for prior offenses. This means that ex-felons who were just freed, as well as those who committed crimes years ago, maybe treated fairly.

Felons are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It’s critical to emphasize how you’ve improved after your conviction. A positive attitude can persuade an interviewer to give you serious consideration for employment.

Does USA Truck Employ Convicted Felons?What makes it Difficult to Get Job at USA Truck

Does USA Truck employ convicted felons? The answer is stated above. But it is also important to know felonies that can’t get you a job at USA Truck.

Felonies relating to driving could jeopardize your application. If you have a DUI, DWI, or OWI, you will almost certainly ban. Hiring supervisors may view you as a driver who poses too much of a risk.

Various job advertising states upfront that you can’t have had any moving offenses involving drugs or alcohol in the last ten years.

Kidnapping and burglary are both violent offenses that might cause issues. Because USA Truck is a member of Truckers against Trafficking, they will be sensitive to similar crimes.

Felonies involving fraud or large robbery, on the other hand, may jeopardize your chances. A trucking business may perceive you as a risk because you will be transporting a huge load of goods.

Final Words

Dress properly for the interview and be courteous at all times. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer before you arrive to indicate that you interested in the position. Many interviewers consider inquiries to be a sign that a candidate is serious about the job.

All company positions necessitate a fair capacity to communicate effectively with others. Being courteous, shaking hands firmly and asking pertinent questions can go a long way toward establishing a positive impression.

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