There aren’t many companies in the oil industry as big as Valvoline. It is a top oil manufacturer, and if you’re thinking of working there, you’re on the right track.

Before you apply, have it in mind that this company will carry out a background check. And if they see any criminal records, it may affect your chances, but it will not automatically disqualify you.

What happens when they find a criminal record?

The first thing they will do is to consider your skills and qualifications with respect to your offense. They will investigate the nature of your crime and also check for the number of times you have been convicted in the last seven years.

The results from these investigations will show them the kind of mistakes you have made before. But the company will give you a chance to explain yourself and prove you have changed.

If your explanation is accepted by the hiring manager, then you will get the job. If they find you dishonest, that will earn you an automatic disqualification.

Valvoline understands that people can make mistakes, but they will not give a second chance after detecting a lie. Honesty is very important to Valvoline, so don’t be tempted to lie about your conviction. They will find out the truth anyway.

The jobs available for felons

At Valvoline, the following roles are felon-friendly, so you can apply for them if you have the qualifications.

  • Automotive technicians
  • A customer service advisor
  • Assistant service center manager
  • Material handler
  • Entry level heavy duty technician
  • Production assistant
  • Inventory coordinator
  • Local route CDL driver
  • Heavy duty assistant manager
  • Employee relations expert

Valvoline hires people with criminal records

While they carry out background checks, Valvoline will look for other things besides your criminal record. Things like your credit history, driving record, employment history, and other relevant data will contribute to their decision to hire you.

This company believes in giving people a second chance. They have hired felons in the past and they will not stop with you. It is therefore very important for you to make sure you are qualified for the post you are applying for.

If you have the right certifications, experience, and skills that the job needs, they will employ you based on merit. Your criminal record will only affect the nature of the job you finally get—it is company policy.

They will not allow a felon to work in a role that is related to the crime they committed. So, if you were convicted of driving under the influence, you might not be able to get a job as a driver at Valvoline.

This is just how far your criminal record can affect your chances of working at Valvoline. You are encouraged to apply, but ideally for a position that has nothing to do with your conviction.

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