Does Valvoline hire people with criminal records? Valvoline manufactures and distributes motor oil automotive fluids. The company has service centers all around the world, which offer rapid oil changes and other services. Valvoline is founded by an American corporation in the northeast region of the US.

Not everyone is perfect, and yes people can make a mistake sometime. But, some mistakes are not apologetic.

Sometimes they make mistakes and are caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The best chance for an offender is not to become a career criminal. Getting a decent employment at a reliable company is the second chance to stand strong once again.

Valvoline – A Walkthrough of the Company

Valvoline was founded 153 years ago in 1866 and it has now headquartered in Kentucky and Lexington. Over the years Valvoline sponsored different racing teams, auto races and tracks and made the name for itself.

Valvoline is a manufacturer and distributors of motors oil, lubricants and additives. They also own instant oil change and showed the care chains.

Valvoline employees are happy with their monthly wages, paid time off, and enjoy other benefits.  For instance, they are offered dental, medical and vision treatment coverage.  Also, Valvoline hires people with criminal record without any discrimination.

Valvoline provides many benefits to their employees are the main reason people love their job when asked. The friendly environment, latest technology, and many more reasons make Valvoline the best place for felons.

Does Valvoline Give a Second Chance to the Felons?

Yes, Valvoline hire people with criminal records. Firstly, they will consider your skills and experience along with offense, amount of convictions and more. An offense or any charge will not automatically say no to employment.

Valvoline said, during the job application process, it’s best, to be honest about your past. If you showed them honesty about your record and your valuable skills then it will increase your chance to get hired. Because Valvoline still considers offering you a job with a felony record if you are honest about it.

Does Valvoline Hire people with Criminal records & are there Background Checks?

Yes, Valvoline does background checks and drug screening. They check the background for at least seven years back or more. Their background check procedures are extremely strict, without a background check you can’t join.

Moreover, Just because you have a felony charge doesn’t mean you can’t join Valvoline. If you want to join Valvoline then most important thing is, to be honest, and confident. Don’t try to hide your conviction. Because Valvoline hire people with criminal record and ready to give you a second chance.

Does Valvoline Hire people with Criminal records? Career Options at Valvoline

Valvoline Company has a number of open positions most of the time. Generally, Valvoline hires distribution, customer services and management and technicians.

Inventory Coordinator

In inventory coordinator job, you will be monitoring the inbound and outbound deliveries. You have to build and verify all the inventory counts and manage the report of inventory. You have to be focused and alert to prevent the inventory from being theft.


As a customer service advisor, you have to deliver positive impressions on customers. You have to communicate and understand the queries of customers. Always give the proper solution to customers queries and tell them about Valvoline new services and options.

Production Assistant

Production Assistant job should be given to those who are trustworthy. Because in the production assistant job, you have to monitor the payroll accounts and issues related to the pay. 

Moreover, you have to answer the calls, communicate with the visitors and customers dealing with issues. So, if you want to join as a production assistant, then you must be trustworthy, confident, and experienced.

Material Handler

In the material handler job, create and pack pallets for the delivery, Scan all the inventory in and out location and more. Manage all the reports of inventory delivery.

Moreover, for this job, you must have a diploma or GED and Forklift certificate. Because this work is full of responsibilities, so you should have knowledge about this.

Does Valvoline Hire people with Criminal records? – The Application Process

Visit and find suitable positions for you. Apply for more than one job application, as it will increase your chances to get hired.

After applying for the job, they will take a pre-employment assessment. You have to give that assessment because it is mandatory there.

After that, you will get a notice by the hiring manager. If your application is selected, then you get a call for an interview.

Additionally, be confident and honest during the interview, if you impress the interviewers through your honesty and skills, you will definitely get this decent job.

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