Getting back your reputation after a prison sentence can be difficult, but you can have things easier than you think. Since Walmart hires felons, you can apply and use the job as an opportunity to clean up your image.

Walmart is arguably the largest company in the USA. So they have a lot of vacancies and employ a large number of people every year. You can join the next set of people they employ if you understand how their hiring process works.

Though being a felon reduces your chances in many places, Walmart is not one of such companies. They believe in giving people second chances, so they do not discriminate.

Walmart has hired felons in the past

Many felons that have been rejected by several employers were able to find work with Walmart. Therefore, it is the perfect place for you to start afresh.

Of course, the nature of the crime you committed in the past will be a factor that determines what kind of role you will be given. But the most important thing is that you will get a job as long as you are qualified.

To increase your chances of getting hired, start learning about what the company requires for that particular job you want. If you know anyone that works with Walmart, ask them questions and learn how to apply the answers.

Available jobs for you at Walmart

Even if you had experience with retail outlets before you were convicted, you will have to start afresh at Walmart. It is just how their policy works; you can’t come in and have a high-ranking position immediately. You just have to start from scratch because of the criminal record you have.

Since the pay is good and the working environment is great, you can always get promoted based on performance. This is a very fair policy, especially when compared to how other big companies are treating felons.

When Walmart hires felons, here are some of the entry-level positions that they have available:

  • Distribution center clerk
  • Janitor
  • Delivery driver
  • Cleaner
  • Power equipment operator
  • Clerks (stock room and cashier)
  • Freight handler
  • Fresh food associate
  • Overnight stocker
  • Sales associate

If you apply for any of these positions to work at Walmart, you have a high chance of employment. But before you apply, look for the one you are most qualified for. If you have experience with any of the roles listed above, that would be an added advantage.

You must be able to pass a drug test

Walmart is very particular about drug tests. No matter the role you want to apply for, the company will not accept you if you are not clean.

If you were convicted of a crime related to driving under the influence, you may not get a job at Walmart. Especially if you apply for the post of a delivery driver. In any case, get clean and ensure you can pass a drug test before applying.

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