An educated person has the power to change society! Pursuing higher education is an excellent way to reentry the ex-offenders communities. With further education, they will not only live productively but also could set an example in society.

Now the question is where to start.

This guide answers common questions about returning to school or college after prison. The info probably helps you review the spotlights available for the best degrees for ex-offenders.

Getting Started: Education for Felons

How to Go to College as a Felon?

Many former education for felons aren’t aware of the college courses and degrees. Having a felony doesn’t mean you can’t get student loans or go to college.  Of course, you can, here is the process you need to follow:

Find the apt college for you – Make efforts to search what colleges offer the program you want to enroll. Your next task is to go to a local library or community college and ask for assistance.  Once you have selected the right program and college, you are all ready to move on.

Fill out your free application for federal student aid – This is an application where you can see if you qualify for a particular course or eligible to get admission. Maybe if you get selected then it may reduce your cost of college. 

Apply and take regular follow up – Once you have a college figured and clear in your head you can precede with the next process. After your application has been accepted for admission, and your loan situation all set, you can go to college!

After incarceration, there are many common thoughts that felons have in their mind. They might have doubts regarding going back to school & choosing subjects.

Evolution in the Scenario over the Past Years

Truly, America continues to have the highest incarceration rate as well as the largest prison population in the world. According to the survey, it is clear that the United States produces more convicted felons than any other country on Earth. Almost, at any given time nearly one percent of its entire population is locked up behind the bars. 

One huge advantage you will get with the completion of studies is better employment.  Studies have found that felons who chose to continue their training & education after release are successful. Although, as compared to before, now the situation has become far better! Many organizations have come up with initiatives to launch training and vocational programs.

Why employment is so important to a person? Work can give ex-offenders a sense of hope and purpose. It not only makes a person independent but also provides them with a meaningful way to spend their time.

After getting a job, many felons witness a real sense of being an important part of their community.

Guide to Community College Career and Technical Education

Explore the career and technical education offerings of community colleges in the United States. You can either search on the internet at the respective websites or take help from offline resources. Government and private organizations have taken up with students to get higher education. 

Remember all the community college career centers are open to the public regardless of their background. After release, if you want to get enrolled at the school, by the rules, no one can stop that. Start navigating some community colleges in the nearby areas in the U.S.

Best Online Degrees for Felons

Which course or degree to choose?

The past should not affect your future at all. Especially if you chose to get a degree and move forward in life! A convicted felon can pursue many degree programs; however, finding work in specific fields may be more challenging than others.

In this guide, we’ll take you to the best online degrees for felons. If you want to continue your studies after release, hopefully, it will result in fulfilling meaningful employment. In turn, it helps give them the purposeful life that they need to stay out of prison for good.

Have a look at the following degrees:

  • Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Culinary Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Paralegal
  • History
  • Graphic Design
  • Vocational Studies
  • Construction Management

Overall, if you want to pursue education further even after prison, there are numerous resources to help you out. 

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