Having known the fact that felon after release faces the issue of employment. You know that employment training programs can change your work life?

Here in this guide, we have come up with amazing ideas to find out more about these training options for you. Before you begin, have a look at:

Employment Training Programs – The Types of Training

  • First of all, passing your high school equivalency tests can help you qualify for jobs and school programs.
  • Try to get basic skills training because that can help you improve your English, math, or computer skills.
  • Valid certification from an institute can also help you start or advance your career. In addition, an occupational license is required to hold certain kinds of jobs.
  • A short-term training program! What is that? Well, don’t worry we will discuss it in detail further. It not only helps you learn specific skills but also earn a certificate.
  • Apprenticeships let you work and earn money while learning skills. These types of training are beneficial as they help you find a job in a certain field.
  • Higher education is a must! Even a college degree can help you start or advance your career, and earn enough money.

Short-Term Employment Training Programs

Say bye to unemployment! Want to improve your job skills? A short-term training program can make you job-ready.

Short-term training includes all the programs that last less than two years. You must be thinking what will you get after completion of this training? Typically you earn a valid certificate once you complete the program.

Having a certificate helps you a lot to get a job. In any of your fields, these training and certificates can help you find suitable employment, get a promotion, or earn more money.

One thing you can do is look for short-term training programs near you. Well, it is a sure thing that you can easily find some local training institutes. You can consult the experts about the type of job or training you’re looking for. Then you can enter your location to view a list of programs.

Entrepreneurship Education for Felons

Besides all these educational programs and certifications, government and private organizations have come up together to provide training. 

  • Catering Program
  • Corporate Car Service
  • Print and Copy (Stationary) Shop
  • Driving classes
  • Tea & Coffee Shop
  • Electrical & Plumbing

You have a bounty of options! If you don’t want to start any job, start your own business. Take help from the professionals and begin a start-up. No job is too small or too big. It depends on your interests and the right resources you have. 

Employment Resources

How would a former felon survive after released from custody?

This is the most common question when a person enters society after incarceration. A key component to re-entry for a person who was formerly incarcerated is employment. If you lack knowledge and don’t have any idea about the online and print resources, don’t worry. For this purpose, you can follow some reliable websites focusing on felon’s awareness & betterment.

These resources provide information and services aimed at assisting justice-involved individuals with locating employment. Before you make any decision, check your local employment laws. This will help you to get guidance on how to report a criminal history on employment applications.

Online Resources: Employment Opportunities

Numerous online resources are reflecting a mix of public and private programs. Particularly, these services help in addressing employment assistance for ex-offenders. Certain applications and websites help people in career planning with a criminal conviction.

Online Resources: Occupational Information

Employment opportunities for felony conviction have been traditionally available in various industries. It includes trucking, construction, landscaping, fast food restaurants, drilling and oil, temporary agencies, newspaper delivery, apprenticeship programs, as well as online careers.

Selected Books on Employment for Ex-Offenders

Reading books is a good habit especially when it comes to finding employment. The general collections of books certainly help individuals seeking employment opportunities. These days, you can read the bibliographic information or online catalog, or additional online content available on the internet.

The Bottom Line

If you are still not sure what kind of training you’re looking for? Get started by thinking about the kind of job you want. You can re-think your interests: Try to work more, try to find out what kinds of jobs match your interests. Start with career options and learn how to explore different career ideas.

Furthermore, check a list of the jobs common for people with less work experience or a criminal record. These tips will surely help you choose a perfect career!

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