It is easy to see ex-convicts are people who should be avoided because of their past. But they are called “ex” for a reason, and this means that you should focus on the present.

Always make sure you hire felons that are capable of doing the job, so that you don’t record a loss. This should be the only reason to turn an ex-convict down during application, and there is nothing wrong about it.

Though it may look as if you’re doing ex-convicts a favor by hiring them, it’s actually a mutually beneficial situation. The felons get a job and that gives them a legal source of livelihood, while your business gains capable manpower.

Unknown to many employers, capable manpower is what any other worker can give you. But hiring felons come with seven other unique benefits for you personally, as well as your business.

  1. You can get federal incentives

Many people don’t know this, but employing ex-convicts can qualify you for juicy government incentives. In fact, the sooner the felon gets employed after serving jail time, the better for your business.

If you hire a felon within one year of their release, your business can get up to 2,400 dollars in tax credit. The department of labor will also offer you protection in case of employee dishonesty.

  • Your brand will be known as one that does not discriminate

Public opinion is very important for business. And if you employ ex-convicts, you’ll be known as a brand that does not look down on marginalized people.

As your brand gets more popular, you may run into one or two criticisms, it is normal. But since you hire felons, no one will be able to accuse you of discimination.

So by hiring felons, you are actually giving your brand some kind of protection against competitors in your industry.

  • You will have more loyal employees

When you hire an ex-convict, he or she must have been rejected by other firms despite their qualifications.

So even if it’s just for the fact that you employed them and stopped the pains of rejection — they will be loyal to you. And there is nothing more important to the structure of your business than workers you can trust.

They’ll also be mindful of their actions because they’re trying to renew their reputation that is already stained by incarceration. What this means is that they will represent your brand well and make life easy for other workers.

  • You will have a rich, diverse workforce

No matter the kind of business you do, having a diverse workforce will be very helpful in the long run. And if you include felons to your list of employees, you’ll have a wider range of people in your company.

With such a wide range of characters working for you, ideas will come from different points of view. And you will find quicker solutions to different problems in your organization.

Ex-convicts can come from any race, so including them will add to the good label that your business doesn’t discriminate.

  • You can easily employ a superstar

As job seekers compete for the best jobs, firms are also competing for the best hands. And many people don’t even know what they’re capable of until someone offers them an opportunity to shine.

There are rare talents everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. And your next employee could be that superstar your business needs.

Since felons are easily rejected, many firms are missing a chance at hiring people with rare talents. So when you open your doors to ex-convicts, you are also making yourself more likely to hire a genius.

  • You will have less employee turnover

Having to replace workers every now and then can be really tasking and does not speak well of a company. And while human resources managers are trying out new ways to retain workers, employing qualified ex-convicts is a sure solution.

Remember that felons find it hard to get jobs, so when they finally have one in your company, they will want to hold on to it. Even in the midst of challenges, they always persevere.

  • Felons can encourage other workers

With their actions, felons can improve the effectiveness of your entire workforce. This is because their motivation, born out of a desire to have a good reputation, will show in their work. 

Your employees will actively and passively learn a lot from such a person, so adding an ex-convict to your staff is a good idea.

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