We know getting a job after release from prison is always challenging for everyone. No doubt, ex-felons have to face more barriers compared to any other jobseekers. But why should they not head towards starting their own businesses instead of searching for second chance jobs for felons? In fact, felons can find many lucrative small business ideas to start their businesses. In this connection, it is possible for a felon starting a business on Merch by Amazon.

If you have no idea what Merch by Amazon is and how much it can be helpful for a felon starting a business, don’t worry. In this felon-friendly post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Merch by Amazon.

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is considered an on-demand t-shirt printing service from Amazon. There is no doubt this effort from Amazon has opened up a wide array of possibilities for anyone to sell their t-shirt designs without any upfront fees. And felons are no exception to that.  They can upload their t-shirt design anytime on Amazon and, most importantly, set a price. After that, Amazon will incorporate the design on different products like t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, and many more.

However, Amazon will not print the final product until and unless it receives an order request from any interested buyer. When anyone purchases the product, Amazon will pay a royalty to the designer for each and every purchase.  

How Can a Felon Join Merch by Amazon?

Joining Amazon Merch on Demand is not at all a difficult task. But first, you have to visit the Amazon Merch on Demand page. And fill out the application form to request an invitation to start your journey as a Merch on Demand content creator. After that, you have to wait for some time to get approval. Once you get the approval, you have to follow a simple step-by-step process to get started. These include:

  • Create your t-shirt design or art
  • Upload your t-shirt design idea to Merch by Amazon and select the products on which you want to print your design
  • Set the price and submit it
  • Now, wait until it is sold
  • Get your royalties after the sale

Initially, you can upload only 25 t-shirt designs for different products. But once anyone purchases the product over the platform, Amazon will automatically upgrade you to Tier 2. In Tier 2, you can upload up to 100 designs. Ultimately, the more t-shirt designs you have, the more opportunity there is to earn money.

Some Tips for a Felon Starting a Business on Merch by Amazon

Now, it’s the time to offer some tips for a felon starting a business on Merch by Amazon.

  • Felons should always remember one thing. Proper research is the key to success. So, they should use various Merch Research tools to search countless real Amazon keywords for free and further optimize their Merch by Amazon listings. Besides, they can use Google Trends to check out the trending keywords on the web.
  • Copyright infringement is always treated as a strict offense in copywriting. So it is always important for them to never use a copywritten term, quote, or image. If they use a copywritten thing, it might cause them significant trouble. In fact, Amazon can suspend their account without prior warning.
  • Always try to implement well-written descriptions and bullet points in your listing. Many pieces of research have shown it can result in a 40% increase in sales.
  • Try to partner up with a local business
  • Don’t forget to promote your printing designs on Twitter and Facebook from the portal promotion section
  • Analyze the sales data effectively

Final Thoughts

We hope now you have a complete understanding of how Merch by Amazon can be helpful for a felon starting a business. If you are passionate about creating exciting printable designs, joining Merch by Amazon is the best bet for you. Amazon will showcase your design in front of a large number of buyers and send you the royalty once it is sold.

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