Talking about felons becoming correctional officers, they know the inside out of this job. Why? Because they have spent their time of life in prison along with correctional officers!

They have become familiar with the duties assigned to such officers. However, here the question is all about felons becoming correctional officers.

Well, they can, as they want to setup their career after being released from prison. However, it is not easy for them as the employer’s don’t find it suitable to hire one with a criminal record.

Look at what the correctional officer does, their duties and much more.

Later we share about if there is a fair chance for the felons to apply for the post of a correctional or prison officer.

Felons Becoming Correctional Officers – First Know the Duties

You would like to know more about what the correctional officer do. Here we take a sneak peek at the duties of such officers. They work in the prison helping the inmates. Further, the state as well as federal government institutions hire them. In this case, there is a high demand for such officers.

Supervision of the inmates

These officers spend the whole day within the prison along with the inmates – felons. Further, they ensure that all the rules are followed properly. Secondly, they also help in providing medical facilities to the prisoners, as well as taking them to court for hearing.

The correctional officers also make sure, when the outsiders come to visit and meet felons. Some conditions are to be fulfilled.

Maintain orders for the prisoners

The officers ensure that the felons abide by the orders given to them. It should be in accordance to the rules and regulations. Further, the prison officers have the duties of settling disputes. In this way, conflicts and assaults can be prevented. They are also authorized to enforce specific penalties to the felons.

Reporting the behavior

The correctional or prison officers are responsible to report the inmate’s behavior. Further, if any inmate tries to break the rules or don’t follow them, the officers can report on them too.

The facilities

The officers are also responsible to monitor the facilities given to the inmates. It includes checking the physical or structural damage, if any. Secondly, the place should ensure better sanitary conditions. 

Offering rehab programs

When it comes to rehabilitation, the officers can provide inmates with programs. It includes job training, educational programs, and much more.

Felons Becoming Correctional Officers – The Requirements

Talking about the job of correctional officer or a prison officer, there are some prerequisites. These officers can be appointed by the state of the federal government.

U.S. Citizenship

One must be a citizen of any state in the USA to be eligible for taking up the job of a correctional officer. Some states do require that an individual already be a resident to secure employment.

Minimum Age

The minimum age is often 18 or 21 years, counting on the state. The federal government requires candidates to be between the ages of 20 to 37 years at the time of recruitment.


The individuals applying for the post of officer should possess a high school diploma or GED. Furthermore, if they have post-high school training or military experience, they will get the benefit of getting shortlisted.

Driver’s License

A valid driver’s license may be a common requirement in many states in the USA. However, the individuals should possess a clean driving record. However, if they have a DUI, it should not be more than two times.

Physical Condition

A medical and fitness test is usually a part of the hiring process. The test is employed to determine that one is physically fit the work. It also helps to spot any preexisting conditions. Besides an honest educational background, a solid work history also can help. This proves a candidate is worth investing time and money in training up for the work. In addition, it suggests that they are going to take the work seriously and persist with it.

Felons Becoming Correctional Officers – Face the Background Checks

When it comes to background checks, the hiring process becomes a difficult one. Here, the felon individuals worry a lot, as the checks will reveal everything in the past. They become concerned about what shows abreast of a background check and the way it will affect their chances. Most states and federal authorities conduct a background check on applicants.

  • Fingerprint checking
  • Confirmation of references
  • Verification of educational background
  • Verification of labor history
  • Drug testing
  • Credit report
  • DMV records
  • Criminal background check

Felons Becoming Correctional Officers – Are They Eligible?

Talking about felons becoming correctional officers, it may be difficult for them to acquire one job. Federal authorities will not consider a candidate that lacks good moral character.

An equivalent goes for many prison departments. Having a record will often automatically disqualify a felon from joining. However, some states do have pro-convict legislation, which can help.

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