Many felons wonder whether they can qualify to become a security guard in New York upon release. The short answer is yes. It is quite possible for a felon to become a security guard in New York. However, this felony record makes the application process for felons’ jobs more difficult. Fortunately, there are provisions available for ex-felons to clear their records. This will definitely help them to fulfill their dream of serving as a security guard in New York. So, if you are one of those, here’s what you need to know.

Certificate of Relief Act of New York State

The Certificate of Relief Act aims to support ex-felons upon release from jail. It offers them many opportunities to make them compatible with felons’ jobs. Besides that, it provides them with housing as well as education assistance. The state of New York offers two distinct certificates to them. These will definitely guide them to obtain second chance jobs for felons in 2022. These are:

  • Certificate of Relief from Disabilities
  • Certificate of Good Conduct

Let’s learn about those certificates in detail.

Certificate of Relief from Disabilities

This certificate aims to remove all the legal barriers set on a felon due to his/her criminal record. But one thing you should make very clear. This certificate is only available for those who are first-time felons or committed misdemeanors. So, as a felon, if you are charged with more than one felony conviction, you cannot apply for this certificate. However, if those two or more felony convictions come from the same charge, they will count as a single. Besides that, this certificate is granted to any individual in case no prison term is sentenced. But if the individual has served time in jail, what would he do? Well, then he has to apply for this certificate through the DOCCS upon release.

Certificate of Good Conduct

The Certificate of Good Conduct aims to remove the barriers to felony employment.  In fact, this certificate is for those who are considered repeat offenders. The state parole board issues this certificate when the court sentence any individual with no prison term. Besides that, any felon can apply for the certificate upon release from jail through the DOCCS. The individual has to spend a minimum period of time under community supervision.   Usually, there is a one to five years waiting period based on the nature of any individual’s felony conviction. However, the board usually takes 6 months of time to decide whether they will issue the certificate or not.

Sealing Your Records

Sealing your criminal record is very much important to legally remove that record. If you seal your record successfully, you can stand in front of any employer with confidence. You can honestly say to them that you have sealed your record. And currently, you are free from all charges. This will surely help all the felons to get felons’ jobs. However, you have to wait for a certain period after release to seal the record.  And this waiting period varies from state to state. In New York, an ex-felon has to wait for a minimum of 10 years to seal the record. 

Final Thoughts

So, it is not impossible for felons to serve as security guards in New York. There are only two compulsory requirements to get felons’ jobs as security guards. First, they should currently live in New York, and second, they committed the crime in New York. Apart from that, they need a certificate of relief or good conduct from the state board of parole. This will definitely increase their chances of getting selected for the felons’ jobs.

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