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Many felons have the desire to travel much before the conviction. The wish stays even after the conviction but the number of options limit. It is primarily because countries have strict rules to restrict felons and anyone with a criminal background from entering their lands. Offenders living in America who would like to travel to Europe can read the blog to learn more.

Felons Travel to Europe – Travel Restrictions by the Court

The restrictions on traveling aren’t limited to the other countries. People with felony records can have traveling regulations as per the court orders. Many felons have to serve probation after the sentence. A probation officer is assigned to the criminal. The convict must report to the officer on a timely basis.

To travel, a felon must have the permission of the probation officer. Also, traveling outside America isn’t a question until the probation period is complete.

To travel internationally, felons need passports. A passport is an identification from the federal government that offenders can obtain if they match specific requirements.

People convicted of drug trafficking or a crime of treason against the United States of America can restrict felons from getting a passport. Moreover, anyone who owns a certain amount of child support cannot get the document.

People who still have legal charges pending will not get a passport either. Any activity related to leaving the country will be considered an unlawful attempt to avoid prosecution. The act is a federal crime.

Also, people require a passport to travel to another country.

Appeal of Europe

Traveling abroad has a massive appeal for American citizens. Europe has a wide variety of landscapes, architecture, historical landmarks, and climates. Moreover, it houses a range of impressionist art, the Catholic Church, and classical music.

Furthermore, the area comprises mountains, beautiful countryside, and coastal regions. The range of countries that come under the single passport also makes it an excellent visit for people who genuinely want to experience the world tour.

Lastly, the range of delicious foods that will satisfy people with all kinds of preferences available in European nations makes it a must-visit for people.

Given the history of America, several felons have family origins from European nations.

What do you need to enter Europe?

Europe is part of the European nations joined together for peace and prosperity. The Schengen territory has 26 countries in total that operate with one external border. To travel, you will need a passport to get the entry stamp. Moreover, immigration officials are at liberty to decide whether you qualify to enter the area or not.

People who want to visit the country for less than three months can do so without applying for a visa.

If the officials allow entry, you can go to the adjoining countries without any further paperwork. The only time you will need a passport is when you leave the country.

For a longer than 90 days stay, U.S.A citizens require a visa that they need to get well before departing from the country.

To avoid getting a background check, plan a stay shorter than 90 days. Also, felons must follow the law to stay out of legal difficulties. Inability to do so can result in significant problems where the release will not come quickly. Moreover, felons who end up in jail in Europe will need legal counseling.

So, it’s best to obey the laws to ensure that you leave Europe as planned.

So, can Felons travel to Europe?

Yes, felons can travel to Europe. The offenders should fulfill only a few conditions, including a shorter stay to ensure a fun time. Families of convicts should encourage traveling as it can offer a sense of peace and relaxation.

But, they must be extra cautious of following the law and not get any unwanted attention from the legal authorities.


Many felons end up going back to prison in the first two years after the release. It is primarily because reintegration into society is exceptionally difficult for people in incarceration. Hence, it is best to travel to other countries and take the time to reflect on life.

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