Jacksonville is the home to approximately 9,02,000 people as of 2020. If you are one of those searching for jobs for felons in Jacksonville, you should understand one thing at first. The economy is diverse here. So, you can find different kinds of jobs available for felons in Jacksonville. Among these jobs, warehouse jobs look most promising for them. No doubt, a felony warehouse job is easier to obtain compared to other second chance jobs for felons.

This is mainly because of the reason this type of job needs hard workers who are physically able to perform the daily task. And felons already have experience performing similar kinds of tasks in prison. So, they are always in an advantageous position to get hired as a warehouse worker.

But is it possible to serve as a logistic lead with a criminal record?  Yes, it is quite possible. In this article, we will discuss A to Z about how to obtain a felony warehouse job as a logistic lead in Jacksonville, FL. But first, you should understand what a logistic lead does.

What Does a Logistic Lead Do?

Logistic leads are responsible for organizing and monitoring the storage and logistical functions. Their primary responsibility is to make sure the entire supply chain is efficient, sustainable, and customer friendly. Besides, they administrate the movement, storage, and distribution of supplies as well as materials within a company. Furthermore, they are in charge of labeling goods, plotting the routes, processing shipments, and organizing the warehouse.

Besides dealing with issues and complaints, they also work with other departments to include logistics in company operations and procedures. So, logistic leads must possess superior analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills to be successful.

So their key competencies include:

  • Optimizes all the logistic functions
  • Manages obscurity
  • Drives results,
  • Collaborates with other departments
  • And builds effective teams

 How to Obtain a Felony Warehouse Job as a Logistic Lead?

We know getting a job with a criminal record is always a challenging task. But ex-cons can make it possible if they are able to show utmost dedication and commitment towards their job roles. In this connection, it is quite possible to obtain a felony workhouse job as a logistic lead. Let’s explore how to become a logistic lead with a record.

Always Keep Your Resume Updated

There is no doubt that your resume is the thing that creates the first impression among employers about you as well as your skills and qualification. So, it is always important to keep your resume in updated shape. Suppose you have gone through any training while in prison. You should mention it on your resume. This will surely increase the chances of getting hired as a logistic lead. 

Check out the Vacancies for Logistic Leads

Once you have prepared your resume in top shape, you should start searching for every felony warehouse job as a logistic lead in Jacksonville. These days, it is not a hard task at all. You can easily find the logistic lead jobs posted on different job search sites. Make sure that you have listed down all the felon-friendly companies that offer logistic leads jobs in Jacksonville, FL.  

Apply for as Many Jobs as You Can

Once you have the list of the companies offering logistic lead jobs, you should start applying for as many jobs as you can. We have seen many felons miss out on the opportunity to obtain a job just because they don’t try.    

Prepare Yourself for the Interview

It is always important for you to prepare yourself for the interview in advance. You can seek helps from your family members or friends. Ask them to play the role of the interviewer and arrange a mock interview.  This will build your confidence to stand in front of employers.

Try to Expunge Your Record if Possible

We all know background check is an important consideration for employers to verify the past records of any job applicant. But how would you know which record will appear on it? Running a self-background check is probably the best bet for you to understand what will appear on your record.

Apart from that, you can also try to expunge your offense. In fact, Florida law allows ex-convicts to hide their offenses from their records based on some guidelines. So, it is important for you to consult with your attorney about it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are now equipped with the knowledge you need to acquire a felony warehouse job as a logistic lead. Make sure to use the above understanding when you search for a logistic lead job in Jacksonville, FL.

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