Finding rental property after felony conviction can be challenging, and sometimes impossible. Having a criminal record in the past reduces your chance of getting a high-paying job and an appropriate place to live in.

Ex-cons face a hard time when finding a rental property. It is one of the biggest struggles because no landowner or property management company prefers giving their space to someone with a past.

However, if you know the right place to research and find a suitable property, things go super-easy. The resources and opportunities might be less, but finding a rental apartment is not impossible even with a criminal record.

Finding Rental Property after Felony Conviction – List of Must-try Websites

Criminal history stays with your name for a long time, making it extremely difficult to get a job, buy your dream home, or reintegrate into society back again. Most felons have to tackle the same struggles to find a suitable property after a felony conviction.

But, there are multiple websites to help you find the best rental properties in any area. All you have to do is follow the right instructions and put your time and efforts in the right direction.

Continue reading this guide for finding rental property after felony conviction. Let’s dive in straight away.

Here we go!

Zumper is one of the genuine house search engines that offer Felony-friendly rental properties. It is a not-so-popular platform that gives you an amazing experience when finding a space for yourself.

The second chance listing feature on Zumper gives you enough options from felony-friendly apartments. Thanks to its amazing UI, you can sort the preferences accordingly to avoid background checks and credit checks.

Zumper also gives you multiple rental options that do not require background/credit checks at all. The list can be sorted as per the proprietors’ requirements, and you can select the properties that do not ask for history checks.

Another great platform for ex-cons to find some place to live in, Zillow offers felony-friendly housing and rental apartment options. It is one of the most popular and reliable of all platforms to go for. 

The website gives you multiple options to choose a property from their large list. Zillow allows users to set filters for short-listing the properties that evade background checks and screening. Many tenants and landlords ask for credit checks so as to make things clear at first. However, you can apply a set of filters to pick out the living spaces that are the best for you.

Zillow is an amazing platform to find a property because it gives you inclusive information about the property, owners, amenities, and more.

Re-entering society after being convicted of a serious felony issue can be challenging. Finding a home when you have spent time behind the bars sounds the most difficult of all tasks. Craigslist is one of the platforms that can help you find some place to rent.

For felony-friendly properties and rental apartments, Craigslist will be an amazing choice. You can easily find places that do not require background checks. Some landlords or tenants do not even ask for credit checks or screening.

It’s better to opt for the places that are at a distance from the main town because these are mostly available. Or, go for the single sharing apartments, basement properties, or single rooms.

Craigslist also allows the users to contact the landowner and share the details directly. You do not have to waste time talking to real estate agents; just talk to the property owners personally. This increases the chance of you getting the property for rent if you can convince the landowner – by telling the truth about your past, giving some advance payment, or giving your income proofs.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Now that you have all the info for finding rental property after felony conviction, visit these online websites and book a place. Getting an apartment, basement room, single sharing, and more will be super-easy on these platforms.

Note: Users must check the complete details shared on the platforms before signing the deal. Communicating with the landowners directly in place of the agents is suggested to stay clear of any issues that might arise later. 

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