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Getting a job as a felon is no walk in the park. The long tiring process of job hunting seems more painful for a felon.

But, the present age is all about acceptance. Employers are now including parents, disabled people, and LGBTQ in their workforce. This implies we (or, more specifically, the people who fought for human rights) have come a long way.

Also, recent times have focused on finding the right employment opportunities for felons or ex-criminals. So, if you are a felon searching for jobs, trust the potential of changing times and change-makers. Moreover, start your journey by trusting in yourself.

Now, we aren’t saying these just out of the blue. You will be amazed to know how some companies like Google support the employment of felons.

So, here are we covering the A to Z of getting a job as a felon in Google.

How signing the fair chance pledge improves the employment opportunities at Google

President Obama in 2015 addressed the issue of how felons lose chances of living a proper life. This implies the necessity of giving them a chance at employment. If a non-felon is reading this and want to ridicule the idea of hiring felons, you should know they are as good as other so-called normal employees.

Anyway, why did Obama think about giving fair chances to felons? Approximately, 70 million Americans possess some criminal history. Excluding them from getting jobs casts a bad spell on the US economy and their lives.

So, organizations should contribute towards creating the right second chance jobs for felons. This mindset led to the birth of the Fair chance business pledge. It serves as an action to make the lives of felons easier.

Now, the good news is many companies have signed the pledge. One of them is Google. Therefore, the process of getting a job as a felon is supposed to get less troublesome.

By signing the pledge, Google agrees to its terms and norms (at least on paper). Now, it remains to be seen how fair it is in reality regarding the same. This brings us to the next point.

Is Google really a felon-friendly company?

Google does perform background checks irrespective of your history with a felony.  But, that should not be the barrier. If you have the right skills for the job, there is supposed to be no discrimination.

Also, no official record exists that points out the exclusion of employees based on criminal records. But, there is a dearth of online discussions showing how Google really performs as a felon-friendly company.

However, a company, which preferentially hires felons, was very well appreciated at a Google conference. That may imply an inclusive work culture of the company.

The reality of getting a job as a felon in Google

Sometimes, the reality can be far from what has been advertised. So, before you dream of getting a job as a felon in Google, try contacting recruiters through LinkedIn. Be upfront and honest in your interactions to gauge if you stand any chance.

The process of hiring a felon in Google

The process involves checking academic qualifications and appearing in assessments. As an inclusive company, it will try its best to consider felons. But, the hiring process does get influenced by the type of felon charges you have. This brings us to our next point.

How the felon charges influence the hiring processes in Google?

The process of getting a job as a felon in Google is not something etched in stone. The crime you committed has a higher chance of influencing the process.

Also, the severity of the crime and the length of the prison sentence decide the outcome. So, it involves a case-by-case basis. Moreover, try getting a job as a felon in states like California, which support the “fair chance pledge.” This removes the odds of not getting a job as a felon. So, do your research to find your pros and cons.

Is Google the only felon-friendly company among the tech giants in America?

Google is not the sole felon-friendly company. The list includes Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and Sony. They include inclusive work policies. So, before calling it ends, consider dropping your resumes here. Who knows, they may believe in your potential, not in your tarnished past?

Few facts to keep in mind if you are getting a job (as a felon) in Google

  • Don’t get stressed if they inform you about running background checks. Even some employers run background checks for potential candidates.
  • Keep your documents ready before opting for interviews.
  • Despite signing the pledge, all recruiting managers or higher authorities may not feel the same. So, if you come across any adverse comments, don’t lose your cool.
  • This necessitates acting diplomatically. But, you can always give your interview or work experiences online. So, it will inform others about the reality of getting a job as a felon in Google.
  • This transparency will help other felons like you in deciding employment choices.
  • Give your best not as a felon but as a potential candidate.
  • It will stop you from thinking of yourself as a felon. It will give a boost in your performance and interview.

What if you fail to bag a job from Google?

Not getting a job as a felon in Google never means the end of the world. Try getting a job in other tech companies. Also, you can work hard and start a business. You will be amazed to know  many business resources and grants for felons.

Moreover, felons rarely consider becoming an entrepreneur. So, use your skills and consider entrepreneurship as an alternate choice. Read how roadblocks prompted a felon to start the journey of entrepreneurship. It will give you a much-needed inspiring nudge you need.

In conclusion, Google did a commendable job in signing a felon-friendly policy. But, the type of charges influences the process of getting a job as a felon. To strengthen your chances, give your best. But, the future will say more about how Google performs as a felon-friendly company. Also, do consider other options if you fail to receive an offer letter from Google.

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