Nothing a human does is past redemption. After serving the sentence for the crime, felons too should have the opportunity to turn their life around. However, it can become an extremely challenging task as years of incarceration leads to difficulty in adjusting to the real world.

The accounts of prisoners who get out of jail after years of incarceration can be daunting. The lack of colors, and overall hostile environment, and sparse normal human interaction make adjustment difficult.

Also, as a prisoner, you might not have the best education and knowledge about the updates of technology.

The fact that many felons find it almost impossible to get hired by a company makes normal living next to impossible.

Steps to Integrate Back Into the Society

Normal life can become a stranger if you spend enough time in prison. Here are the steps past felons can take to bring their life back to normalcy.

Learning about the Changes

People who stay in prison get a cultural and technological shock when they come out.

Things change frequently in today’s world. Felons out on parole or who have served their time should take some time to absorb the changes.

Rely on former felons to help you understand the changes. They can empathize with your emotions and confusion.

People, who still have a good relationship with the family; can look to them for help. It can also work as a bonding experience.

Look for Housing Solutions

Getting a roof over your head is the first mammoth task that you need to achieve in the outside world.

A criminal record check means that you will find it difficult to get a great house.

But, you can check if your prison provides a transitional home. If they do, you get to spend some time with people in the same boat.

If the family is an option, you can go to them.

Moreover, there are local housing authorities that can offer low/free housing if you qualify. Check if you do qualify for any such grants.

Get a Job & Create a Routine

A routine can help ground you back to reality. It is easy to slip when you have a lot of time on your hands.

Also, as the schedule of prison helps meet most prisoners’ needs, it is common for felons to forget to eat. 

Moreover, some felons who were craving freedom in the prison get overwhelmed with all the free time they have on hand.

Set a fixed time to wake up and go to bed. 

Till you do not have a job for felons, make a list of things you need to do like groceries, job hunting, house hunting, and others. Achieve a few tasks to make your day fulfilling.

Step Away from Negative Influences

People who spend time in prison know plenty of negative influences. They can come to meet you once you are outside.

It is best to steer clear of them at all times. A minor slip can cause major problems.

Also, avoid toxic relationships. Anything that does not help you heal and move forward is bad for your life.

Get a Therapist

A therapist can help guide your emotions, including anger, aggression, discomfort, and dilemma.

Going to prison on a felony charge is an overall traumatic experience.

A therapist can help you rebuild old relationships, create boundaries, and help you find a way to relax.

The therapist can address the overwhelming feeling that comes with sudden changes and the added exhaustion.

Join Support Group

A support group is another excellent outlet to help you guide through the trying times.

In a support group, you can find people who understand and have been through similar experiences.

They can help you create a meaningful life while you do the same for them.

Education Completion

Felons who have not completed their education can and should go back to the institute. It will help build your career path.

Moreover, you will have the chance to meet other people start leading a normal life.

Wrapping Up

Life after prison can turn into hell without proper support and plan. But, you do not have to look for family or friends. You can find enough solace if you just ask for it.

With these steps, you can also start taking the baby steps towards a better life.

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