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Getting healthcare job for felons is not the easiest thing to get. Companies that offer healthcare services have a responsibility to care for those they are working with, specifically if they fall within a vulnerable group.

Therefore, must be rigorous in their checks to ensure that no employees pose a risk. If you always wanted to become a Healthcare worker and it is your dreams job but your felony record is stopping you. You may be wondering that what your chances are to succeed in this field. The short answer is if you have a felony, a record does not mean you are disqualified from working in a Healthcare job.

In few scenarios, if you are rejected for the role of a Healthcare Job, the offense must be relevant to the position. Your potential employer will have to consider many things before hiring. For instance, how long ago the crime took place, you have been involved in criminal activity since, whether you are deemed a risk to those you are working with. 

Role of Healthcare worker

Getting healthcare job for felons as work covers the responsibilities based on home care, with a community or patient’s home. The healthcare workers always revolve around improving the daily lives of vulnerable patients. Healthcare’s job is to assist with medical appointments, maintaining hygiene, carrying out household tasks, and more. As you can see, there are many responsibilities in a healthcare job. Unfortunately, some people use this position to harm the patient. That is the major reason employers must have all the information who they hiring.

Do I Need DBS Check To Get Healthcare Job?

Getting healthcare job for felons will require the individuals to complete an enhanced DBS Check. This kind of check is for individuals who will be working with children or vulnerable adults. The enhanced DBS check required to work in this will have to report all the convictions, checking the adults and children’s barred lists, and other relevant information held by local police.

Can I get a Healthcare job without a DBS Check?

It is illegal to start a care worker job without an updated DBS. In addition, if you are starting a new care worker job, you must carry your updated DBS Check. Additionally, regular DBS checks should be carried out throughout your employment. Without an updated DBS Checks, no one company will hire you as a healthcare worker. Therefore, DBS Check and their regular updates are essential as your job.

Felons Working as a Personal Healthcare Worker

So many felons always dream to become personal healthcare workers. However, they cannot be able to fulfill their dreams because of a felony record. Moreover, if you want to restart your career or pursue your dream to get a healthcare job. Then go ahead and start research about it. Prepare yourself because you might find some difficulties but one day you will definitely complete your dreams.

Also, if you have a family member who is struggling because of the criminal past. You should definitely encourage your loved ones and support them to live an honest life, keep their dreams alive try to change their lifestyle.

Rejection from Job – Reasons to Know

Due to the stigma of Criminal records, many felons are off applying for roles and the fear of rejection based on their record. If you have a felony record, it does not mean you cannot apply for a Healthcare job. If you are rejected for a position, do not assume it is because of your felony record.

For the healthcare job, only a few people get through the interview stage. There are numerous reasons behind the rejection, lack of experience, or another applicant is more qualified than you are. There are few selected professions like police or prison service, will not hire anyone with a felony.


Healthcare job becomes the most popular field when Coronavirus hit. This means healthcare job has a strong future with more job security. This is essential to offenders who are facing difficulties to get into this field. An area allows for changing their lives and affecting several families. This is essential to felons who thought they would never get a job like this.

Most importantly, everyone makes mistakes and it may have many failures in judgment many years ago, and you got a second chance to restart your life. Therefore, it is always good to focus on the positive side and start following your dreams.

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