A lot of people want to work for the government because of the many advantages that come with it. And the option of a government job is open to anyone that qualifies—including felons.

There is no law that says you cannot work for the government because you have been incarcerated. But there are certain restrictions that come with your chances because of your past.

If you understand these restrictions, you will be able to work around them and know the kind of government jobs you should apply for. Generally, you may not be qualified for a government job for the following reasons:

Certain crimes come with a ban on federal employment for a number of years. If the crime you committed is one of those that carry this legal ban, you won’t be able to apply.

For crimes like treason, there is a life-long ban on government jobs. Unlike the temporary ban that can have you working with the government after some years, this disqualification is permanent.

If the job is related to national security, there are some restrictions in place. And it is likely to affect high-level convictions.

If you commit a low-level crime that is also related to violence of any form, it means you will also be restricted. You will not qualify for jobs that have to do with weapons.

At the time of your application for a government job, you may not be asked about your incarceration. But if you fulfil all the criteria and pass the vetting stage, you will be investigated before getting the job.

This is when they will carry out a background check and ask you questions about your past. You will also need to complete a declaration for federal employment to show you are fit for the job.

Available government jobs for felons

The following roles are available for government jobs in the USA.

  • Economic analyst

This job has been advertised as being vacant by the CIA. And if you get the job, you will be assessing foreign economic, trade, and different financial interests that affect the nation’s security. You can make between $58,000 and $81,000 a year as a salary.

  • Secretary

In the public works department, you can be a secretary with at least two years of experience in related fields. You should be able to communicate effectively and also be conversant with the Microsoft Office.

You will be required to pass a typing test at at least 35 words per minute. This is a full-time job, and you will be paid $16/hr.

  • Management analyst

You will need a bachelor’s degree in public administration or a related field to qualify for this job. You should also be able to use continuous improvement tools when you work. The salary is around $7,233 per month.

You can find other government jobs here and start applying for the ones you can do.

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