For the individuals convicted for a felony, they have a golden chance in New Jersey. There are several government programs in New Jersey for felons taking care of the issues. These issues relate to expenditure on food, paying utility bills, health care, rent for accommodation, and much more.

The federal government grants are considered gifts for felons. Further, the focus is to get their life back on track. From the grants, we have compiled some of them here for your knowledge. Look at how they can help the felons to overcome the challenges.

Government Programs in New Jersey for Felons

As a part of the programs, we look at how felons are assisted. These are the grants the felons can get in New Jersey to earn their livelihood.

Housing & Urban Development Program (HUD)

Yet another program funded by the federal government helping felons with their housing needs. Felons might face issues paying rent, buying an accommodation, or safeguarding foreclosure for loans. This program helps low-income group individuals to get a perfect solution. Meanwhile, the HUD program also offers low-cost housing for individuals.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNA)

Felons who qualify for this program get a monthly grant to purchase food. The terms under this program state that the felon should have a debit card. Meanwhile, the grant is not given by cash, but the amount is credited to the felon’s debit card on monthly basis. As the program relates to nutrition assistance, the felons are able to buy groceries at a nearby store.

Further, the grant amount depends on the number of family members. In addition to this, the felon individual needs to be a citizen falling in the low-income group. For more information, do check the program details here.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

This program helps the felons to pay utility bills. Using this grant, the felons are able to take care of the electricity expenses every year. However, they will need to re-apply for the same every year. Meanwhile, as per the terms, only qualified individuals apply for HEAP. Here, the person should be a citizen of the USA and have to share social security number.

It also includes sharing the requirements, as the income is low. Felons can apply for HEAP grants if they have their own homes or staying in rented accommodation. Felons can know more about the program, do check the document here.

General Assistance program (GA)

This program provides felon individuals with cash grants. It helps them to take care of the expenses. Talking about the program, it is similar to the TANF program (Temporary assistance for needy families). However, the difference between general assistance and TANF is that here the individual need not have a minor child. Further, the terms are to be a citizen with a low-income group.

For more information about the general assistance programs, the felons can click here.

Supportive Assistance To Individuals And Families (SAIF)

Here, the program states that the felons are assisted to take care of different costs. These costs include substance abuse treatment, childcare costs, as well as transportation expenditure. Meanwhile, the government appoints a case manager for the felons. The manager is responsible for the grants and services applicable for a felon.

For more information about the SAIF program, and applying for the same, do click here.

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

Under this government program, the felons are provided with monthly cash grants. Meanwhile, to qualify the felons have to share information about one minor child. Further, they also have to share about their low income and requirements accordingly.

The program covers by helping felons to cover their expenses such as rent for accommodation, food, paying utility bills, and much more. To apply for the same, the felon should be a citizen of the USA. For more information and to apply for this program, the felons can visit this link here.


So there you are. These are some of the government programs in New Jersey for felons. They can really ensure that the felons can overcome their expenditure. Further, they can make their living a perfect one thereby qualifying to the terms.

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