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After a felony conviction, getting a decent job can be an overwhelming task. That’s the reason not many people return from the crime life and commit crimes again and again. Well, getting ahead with a job after a felony conviction can be difficult but not impossible.

A single crime on your record can make things complex while repeating the crimes makes it extremely difficult. Most people think that committing crimes is the only way to continue their bread and butter.

That’s not TRUE! You can get your life back on track even after a felony conviction.

Here we discuss the top 5 highest paying jobs for felons to make your life better.

List of Top 5 Jobs that Pay Well

Let’s start!

Truck Driving Jobs

If you are in desperate need of a job even when you have a felony conviction, consider going for truck driver jobs. Truck driving is one of the most demanding jobs in the USA and it can be your best bet to get back on your feet.

The demand for commercial truck drivers is increasing across the nation, the reason being higher transportation requirements. For this job, you need a driving license that works for heavy vehicles and dedication to get the job and get ahead in life.

Truck driving, as a job, can be stressful for many, especially when you are here after a felony conviction. But, the average wage per week and month is way higher than many other jobs.

Take note that you might be asked to stay away from home for extended periods because you are driving across the nation. You might not get back home for days and even weeks. However, the turnover rate is higher in this career for the same reason.

Look for the commercial or any other truck driving positions in your area and get started with a good steady income.

Carpentry Jobs

People with past criminal backgrounds are not allowed to apply for many jobs. But, working as a carpenter can be the best paying job for you to survive after serving a sentence.

In carpentry jobs, you can work with any professional (if you are a fresher in this field) or start your own business. This job can help you make great revenue and stable employment. It’s true that there are brilliant opportunities to advance and grow in this field.

Many companies also hire carpenters for operating cranes, heavy-duty work, installing cabinets, furniture, and more. You might require a license to start your carpentry business or work for a company. This depends on the state in which you live or start your business.

Cleaning and Maintenance Jobs

For those who want to start a steady job after a felony conviction, cleaning and maintenance jobs can be the best bet. These jobs are easy to get despite your conviction and you don’t have to go through a lengthy hiring process.

You can work for a company, individual, hospital, hotel, or residential cleaning and maintenance. When you choose this career, make sure you agree to work in any weather condition. Because you might have to work in extreme heat or cold, which is not okay for everybody, make this decision after considering such factors.

Electrician or Welding Jobs

Convicted felons can choose electrician or welding as a career to get your life back on track. For many, being an electrician or welder as a profession is a decent job to get a steady income.

Depending on your skills, the industry has enough work for residential and commercial purposes. While some electricians and welders operate with small tools, many work with heavy equipment to install essential stuff in houses and commercial buildings.

Many companies do not allow felons to work as welder, but it mainly depends on the nature of the crime. Hiring agencies for felons looking professionals to dedicated individuals for these jobs. There is no wrong to give it a try.

Grocery Stores or Food Service Chains

Working at a grocery store or any restaurant is one of the easiest jobs for any individual with a felony conviction. Fast food service chains might not pay higher wages than other jobs mentioned above, but it’s still best to give yourself a second chance.

You can work at the cash counter, set up & managing store, or work as a helper at the grocery store or restaurants. Working at the cash counter as a job is not open for everyone. The job will be given to you after categorizing your felony and character.     

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