If a felon intends to apply for an apartment, it is a fine idea to be honest and upfront regarding his criminal past. You may choose to share a written explanation of your record. Herein, you may want to emphasize why you will turn out to be a good tenant. This will boost the odds of your landlord accepting you as a tenant. There are various housing programs for felons conducted by government and NGOs which certainly help you get the best advice. Here in this article we will try to shed some light on the same.

Let us take a look at some best practices that work for felons:

  1. Being upfront about your criminal record

This not just reflects integrity, but a willingness to accept responsibility for the prior actions. At this time, a felon should also discuss the steps he has taken towards rehabilitation.

  1. Explain in written what makes you a good tenant

The right way to go about it is to talk of any rehabilitation programs that you have been a part of, and how they have impacted your life positively. 

  1. Get a co-signer

Getting a co-signer will act as a verification of your reliability. So, in case you are unable to pay the rent or meet other obligations, your co-signer will do it for you.

  1. Offer to pay a larger security deposit

This not just exemplifies your financial stability, but also your commitment to the landlord. Your security deposit will act as a means that the landlord can use to safeguard himself against situations such as unpaid rent or damages.

Housing Programs for Felons

It is hard to deny that if you have a criminal record; it will limit your housing options severely. But, some options will still be available for your discretion.

In case you have been planning to apply for and avail housing grants for felons, this is going to be broadly subject to an individual’s place of residing and other specific circumstances. 

Across the United States, one of the most noteworthy housing assistance programs is Section 8, the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Under Section 8, rental subsidies for the low-income and eligible families and individuals are offered. Housing programs for felons are herein included.

The irony here is that Section 8 has not specified any specific requirements associated with criminal convictions. However, individual public housing authorities (PHAs), administering the program could possibly have certain policies for applicants with criminal records. 

It is possible that a few of the PHAs take into consideration factors such as the severity and nature of offense. Other important factors for their consideration include the time lag since the conviction took place and the convict’s record when under rehabilitation. These factors determine a felon’s eligibility for benefitting from Section 8.

In some states and localities, non-profit organizations and re-entry programs are offered. They render housing assistance, support services, and housing programs for felons.


It becomes important to understand the possibility that charges could affect your ability to secure an apartment. There is no single answer that suffices for all queries here, because the nature of conviction will vary from one individual to another. 

But as a felon, one has to keep determined and take proactive measures while keeping knowledgeable of the rental landscape. This will make finding suitable housing and moving ahead towards a secure living situation possible.

If you have a felony conviction and are seeking housing resources, Reecareer is here to support you. Reach out to us for expert advice and access to top-notch resources for both housing and jobs for individuals with felonies. Our commitment is to contribute our best to society and help you on your journey.

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