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Talking about Navy seals, they are the best of people who are recruited. You can say that the US Navy has hired the top individuals with multiple skills. Based on this, it is not likely to say that the felons can be hired with the US Navy. Unless a person who was convicted of a felony is a standout candidate felon become us navy seal.

Felony and US Navy Recruitment

The US Navy follows one rule determining a felony. It is a felony when the maximum confinement exceeds one year under the local laws. Further, the offenses that relate to serious crimes or containing violence are categorized as felonies.

Waivers & Disqualifications

People who were committed for juvenile felonies can apply for waivers. The Navy recruiting commander considering the application has the authority to grant permission or disqualify the same. If the commander grants the waiver application, the felon can apply as a US Navy seal.

Further, the condition is that the person should not have more than two adult felonies on record. Whereas, not more than two times for juvenile felonies. In both cases, if the number is more, the person cannot apply for a waiver.

Meanwhile, some felonies straightaway disqualify the application, so there is no point in going for a waiver. These felonies relate to serious crimes such as rape, assault, sex crimes, child abuse, child pornography, kidnapping of minors, etc.

To consider the waiver, the CO or XO interviews the applicant personally. At that point, in time, the authority signs the waiver document for the criteria met with.

The criminal waivers take place when the military needs the jobs to fill in time. They might be experiencing shortages of personnel. However, this is rare when someone with felonies got waivers. Most of them disqualify including felonies with seriousness such as violence.

These crimes require a waiver for the felons for the post of a US Navy seal jobs for felons.

  • Arson, child abuse, or perjury
  • Manslaughter, attempt to commit a felony
  • Bomb threat
  • Possession of drugs
  • Breaking or entering into with the intention of committing a felony
  • Burglary, forgery, or stalking
  • Extortion and grand larceny

What about the Misdemeanor?

When it comes to a waiver for the felony, you have known how the commander decides. Meanwhile, about the misdemeanor, the commander of the Navy recruiting division can waive off up to three violations. 

When a person has committed more than three violations, then the HQ Navy recruiting command will have to approve the same. However, the non-minor misdemeanor also requires a waiver even with one violation. The non-minor misdemeanor includes offenses as under but not limited to the list.

  • Assault and battery
  • Driving while drugged or intoxicated
  • Failure to stop and render aid after an accident
  • Harassment, bigamy, and child neglect
  • Wrongful use of chemical substances.
  • Possession of drugs
  • Providing false information to the authorities
  • Reckless driving

The above-listed offenses are serious crimes and categorized as non-minor misdemeanors. Talking about the motor vehicle offenses, it is a lesser offense if it does not involve alcohol, drugs, etc. Further, the driver was not into reckless driving, speeding in excess or the miles stated as per the limit, or hurting a person or property damage.

How Multiple Charges are Handled?

When a person has committed multiple violations for a single incident, it is a single transgression. The military recruiting team sees this as a crime-taking place at the same time and place.

However, a person who has committed three separate violations is not a single transgression. For example damaging three or more vehicles at the shopping mall. Whereas, if a person has possession of drugs along with marijuana, it is considered a single transgression.

Further, a minor who was speeding with alcohol in possession, and eluding the police is a collection of separate charges. It is not considered a single transgression. 


There you are. A felon as us navy seal, a misdemeanor, or a single transgression, the military recruiting team sees them differently. Meanwhile, waivers are there for some offenses but mostly the felons are disqualified.

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