Center for Employment Opportunities Jobs for Felons – A fresh start for every individual is a new opportunity to start a life they want to live. It is an essential task for those just coming out of prison. Meanwhile, some people might have financial backing from their family members, and some are on their own once they are out of jail.

Despite your level of education, many job offers might not go through because of the conviction attached to your name. Many brands like 7-Eleven, Walmart, Home Depot, and others have relaxed their policies with the hiring. However, some businesses are still doubtful about the people they want to hire in their company.

A person’s association with any criminal activity affects their credibility in front of people. Afterward, a criminal record in the past leaves people with the notion that a person might commit another crime again. However, several government programs are willing to give the felons a chance to start their lives afresh.

What is CEO and How Does It Help In Hiring Felons?

CEO or Center for Employment Opportunities is a government organization working to better anyone with a criminal record. Likewise, it has the motto that everybody deserves another chance to build a stronger future for themselves and their family. The non-profit organization provides services to the newly released felons from New York State prisons and detention facilities.

In addition, the organization believes that if a felon is provided with the proper guidance after their criminal conviction, they will less likely be reincarcerated. CEO believes in offering the convict’s life education skills, short-term paid employment, full-time job placements, and post-placement services.

The organization is operational in 31 cities, and they have aided more than 8000 felons in finding a job. CEO works with public and private sector organizations asking them to remove barriers to employment.

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For instance, it is usual for people of color or those with conviction histories to face problems while looking for a job. Therefore, CEO’s vision of economic mobility allows them to work with the government to create more high-quality jobs.

Hiring Permanent Employees with CEO

An employer needs a set of trustworthy staff members, so that the business can work efficiently. CEO is the point that ends all the searches of an employer as it offers staffing solutions to them. Therefore, the candidates available for work are carefully screened and staffed before being sent for work. To be true, the employees are selected based on the demands and the needs of an employer.

With over 40 years of experience, the CEO has been helping felons out of prison in getting services and jobs. Since 1996, we have helped over 30,000 placements with several employers. Employers also benefit from the CEO as hiring felons makes employers eligible for several tax incentives and federal bonding programs.

Depending on the location, the CEO participants can access CEO training and certification courses in their area. Moreover, there is a list of programs that an offender can take to become eligible for the jobs.

Here are the industrial and construction programs:

  1. Forklift License
  2. Warehouse Safety
  3. Scaffold Training
  4. Carpentry
  5. Flagger Training
  6. Inventory Control
  7. Tractor Trailer Simulation
  8. OSHA 10 Hour Safety Training
  9. Fireguard Training
  10. Electronic Pallet Jack and Dolly
  11. Reading Pick Sheets/Picking Orders

CEO has been a great source of help for the offenders as they take care of all the responsibilities of a person. CEO is responsible for looking after the insurance, bonding, payroll, and benefits your workforce requires into a single contract. In addition, this is a time and money-saving tactic that works for the employer’s welfare.

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Services Offered by CEO participants

Participants associated with the CEO work in various fields, allowing employers to find the best workforce for their jobs. Moreover, the CEO participants also offer employers event set-up and clean-up services with indoor and outdoor services.

CEO offers one-to-one appointments for participants to help them understand their field of choice. These appointments are made with trained volunteers who can assist people in building resumes and preparing for mock interviews.


CEO is a New York-based organization working per Federal Law and the U.S. Department of Agriculture policy. According to the laws, the organization cannot discriminate based on race, sex, color, age, religion, political beliefs, etc.

CEO is one of the few organizations working towards the betterment of society by helping felons. In addition, the job opportunities help the offenders become a contributing part of society.

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