Pay gap is an issue that has plagued minorities for years. It also affects the earnings of ex-felons after incarceration. To begin with, the task of getting a job after prison is an uphill battle. Many companies do not employ ex-felons at jobs. While some do it for legal reasoning, others see it as a wrong PR move.

Earnings of Ex-felons – The Two Downsides of Looking For a Job after Incarceration

The two primary ways in which earnings of ex-felons get affected after incarceration are:

Finding a Job

Firstly, ex-felons cannot find any job easily. Companies run background checks and reject felons regularly. While some companies are more lenient about their hiring process, others aren’t forgiving of the past.

So, ex-felons have a limited number of options. Specific companies do not entertain applicants with criminal backgrounds. Companies that are willing to check the details of the incident and make a final decision have several applicants.

The market saturation of jobs for ex-felons makes it challenging to find a good job. Strenuous jobs that require tedious work are more readily available. But, the sheer effort it takes in day-to-day life and the lack of growth in the field make it far less alluring.

Lastly, getting the job is not the end-all of it. Many jobs are available for ex-felons that do not offer a living wage.

Getting the Right Pay

Secondly, the problem of not getting a fair salary is a significant concern of ex-felons. Women and other minorities generally earn less than white males, as per several studies. But, white males with criminal records will not get the same pay as a similarly capable candidate without any history of charges.

Moreover, if the person belongs to a minority and has a criminal record, finding a job that pays well becomes more challenging. Also, in most cases, the ex-felons will earn less than the salary they had before the felony.

While getting a decent job with a felony using the connections is possible, it does not ensure better pay. So, ex-convicts find it challenging to get out of debt and also rely heavily on the help of others to live a decent life, even with a full-time job.

The labor market does have a minimum pay in place to help individuals live well at the bare minimum price. But, a lack of reasonable compensation for a massive workload can cause burnout in the candidates.

Earnings of Ex-felons – How to Manage Job Burnout?

Sustaining your position at a company for a longer duration shows your resolve. It also strengthens your resume. Low compensation with tiring work hours can bring job burnout quickly. But, job change and retention are crucial for successful living. So, here are a few tips that you can follow to tackle the mental block.

Plan Vacations: Taking some time off work to spend time with loved ones can bring the change you need to break the monotony. So, take charge of planning a getaway for a weekend or a week, depending on what is available. Spend some time around the beach or in the mountains. If you overwork on the trips, then a staycation might be the best choice. The challenge here is to plan a vacation that calms you.

Schedule Free Time: For people at work, the whole day is a blur of activities that finish only when they sleep. The lifestyle can cause significant burnout where even the home does not offer any solace. So, have a dedicated time in your schedule to do nothing.

Pursue a Passion: If something truly inspires and rejuvenates you, then pick it up as a passion project. Make an Instagram account related to your hobby. People who enjoy reading can invest in one book a month. Someone who finds crafts or arts soothing can create things in their free time.


Finding a job after a felony conviction and incarceration is an uphill battle, and getting the right salary is close to impossible. As the first few years after the prison sentence is over are crucial with the least number of job opportunities, sticking to a job becomes necessary.

Use the various burnout evasion tricks to keep yourself motivated for the job. Correct steps can help protect against the effects of incarceration on the earnings of ex-felons.

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