Wondering how does STRIVE helps felons in getting a job? – Let’s find the answer right away!

Ever since the COVID19 pandemic has struck the world, people have faced many problems. Several people had to undergo intense healthcare due to COVID-19 or other health problems. On the other hand, many people faced the consequences of a global pandemic that shook the economy.

The biggest problem faced by many countries, including the USA, is unemployment. According to the reports shared by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the USA has a strong economy, but about 5 million unemployed Americans in 2019. The pandemic worsened as the unemployment rate went from 5 million to 10.8 million in 2020.

Meanwhile, things don’t get easier for you if you are an ex-offender or a felon. It is a vital part of a person’s life to start working in a new job after being out of the prison. An offender comes out of prison with no sense of control, and such a situation can be overwhelming for them.

Offering financial support to ex-offender can be beneficial as it provides them a sense of independence. This sense of financial freedom would allow the offender to stay on the right path and not relapse.

However, society has different plans for ex-convicts and prisoners as they don’t accept them as a part of society. The people treat ex-convicts differently because of their association with criminal activity. People believe that a person will relapse into illegal activities one day.

People need to understand that an offender or felon is looking for a second chance at their life. If the convicts are offered the right help in their needs, the crime rate will decrease over time.

What is STRIVE and how does it Help Felons?

Founded in 1984, STRIVE is a government organization working to tackle the problem of unemployment in New York City. STRIVE has helped over 80,000 people to get back on their feet and earn an honest living. Its programs have helped many people learn new skills, and the organization has a job placement rate of 70%.

With 37 years of experience, STRIVE paves a path for unemployed people and felons to start a new life. STRIVE has a success rate of helping more than 61% of people who are arrested, convicted, or incarcerated. The organization focuses on training people in skills that meet an employer’s needs.

STRIVE programs focus on individuals’ problems and help them overcome these problems. These programs start by orienting the person as they step back to the corporate world. The program that STRIVE offers to felons is the Fresh Start program.

What is the Fresh Start program by STRIVE for felons?

The Fresh Start program by STRIVE offers support to felons who recently got out of jail. The program is also beneficial for people dealing with substance abuse problems. These learning plans help offenders progress through training and employment in high-demand fields.

STRIVE enrolls those convicted of a sex crime (except prostitution) and is under supervision. Any person convicted of a violent or non-violent felony can participate in this program. 

The program has several benefits, such as transportation to our training facilities. The program also offers stipends and incentives to students for reaching several milestones. In the end, a felon gets a 6-week paid internship. During the training period, the criminals get food and emergency funds to help them grow.

This program is affiliated with the Federal, State, and Local Government authorities. Some of these authorities are the Consortium for Worker Education, the US Department of Labor, the Department of Corrections, etc. The program has received funding from the private and public sectors as well. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CBS Corporation, and more are among the list of donors.


STRIVE has worked with several private firms, and in 2021, they received a $1.8 million grant from Gotham Gives. This grant will help the organization to introduce innovative programming for felons. They are constantly working to improve their programs and help more people get jobs with the federal and state departments.

STRIVE is supportive of their participants and helps them in growing. Even after the participants get a job, STRIVE continues to offer them support for the rest of their life.

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