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How ex-felons become cosmetologist is purely dependant on the experience the person has in the field. Not just the work experience, but also the individual should be well versed in the field of beauty and skincare. Further, cosmetology is an advanced field and not everyone can opt for this as a relevant career.

The most important part of becoming a cosmetologist is by getting a license. However, talking about the felons, it becomes a challenge for them to get the same. For a recently convicted felon, it becomes much worse and almost like forgetting to take up this job profile. However, what about the felons who have prior experience in the beauty industry? They need a certificate or license to move forward with this profession. Let us know more about cosmetology and the challenges faced by felons to become one.

What is the work of a cosmetologist?

A person who works in the field of beauty and skincare is called a cosmetologist. He or she can work in the profile of a hairdresser, hairstylist, or relevant job types. They require having the required skills that include hair care, skincare, and beauty.

The cosmetologist is an expert who directly works with clients based on the requirements. It includes working on giving shape to their hair, grooming techniques, polishing nails, and much more. For weddings and other events, the client may get a makeover done with the help of cosmetologists.

Ex-felons become cosmetologist – Need a license?

Talking about the profession of a cosmetologist, a person will require obtaining the license. The state agency provides the same to the individuals applying for this work. Further, it proves that the person has the required skills to perform the work as a hairstylist, hairdresser, or skincare expert.

Keeping in mind the felons, the government has to decide whether to provide them with a license or not. It depends on the individuals if they prove fit for this profession. Without a valid license, no one can undertake the responsibility of a cosmetologist.

Ex-felons become cosmetologist – Benefits of a license

A license provides the authority to undertake a kind of work. Here, the cosmetology license provides the holder to work on different activities such as hair care, hair styling, skincare and much more. Depending on the type of work, the license can be obtained. It may relate to beauty products and the use of activities focusing on it or healthcare.

  • The license is authorized by the government or state agencies
  • An individual or a felon gets the opportunity to work as a cosmetologist
  • In order to obtain the license, the applicant or the individual should hold a professional degree in the relevant work

If the person has all the required skillset and knowledge, obtaining a license is not a difficult task. However, what about the felons? Can they get one? Let us know better in the next section.

Ex-felons become cosmetologist – Getting the license

As we mentioned above that with the required skills, a person can obtain a license. However, when it comes to felonies, the story changes. Here, multiple factors are taken into consideration, which can vary from state to state. Meanwhile, the states do not offer a cosmetology license to an individual with a record. However, some state departments do focus on regulating the business; thereby provide cosmetology licenses to the felons.

Despite the rejections of providing a license to a person with a criminal record, the states offer it to the individuals. However, here the license provided to them is considered at a different level. With the same, the ex-felon becomes a cosmetologist or not, it depends on the felony considerations.

  • The severity of the crime
  • How recent the crime took place?
  • Nature of the convicted felony
  • Factors taken into consideration for the conviction

Secondly, a background check is necessary for this situation. The final authority rests with the board whether they approve or deny the application.

The bottom line

You may have got prior experience in the beauty and skincare industry. You may be an expert at being a cosmetologist. However, for how the ex-felon becomes a cosmetologist, the main thing to consider is always to be honest with others.

Don’t hide anything as it can put you into prison one again. Do mind the background checks as they reveal everything. Rest, one can go ahead with the profession as a cosmetologist with an authorized license. It is a better opportunity to deal with clients on a day-to-day basis.

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